February 12, 2018

Action Alert:
Call for Charges Against Dog Weight Shooter

Update: On February 27, 2018, 54 year-old Neal Myers was charged with second-degree murder, first-degree assault and two counts of armed criminal action for killing Scott Beary and attempting to kill another patron of Show-Me’s Sports Bar & Grill. Myers’ bail was set at $250,000, cash only. In April 2019, Myers reached a plea deal with prosecutors, pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter. He was sentenced to five years in prison. Thanks to everyone who took action and called for charges against this gunman!

On February 7, 2018, 43 year-old Scott Beary was shot and killed at Show-Me’s Sports Bar & Grill in Florissant, Missouri by a 54-year-old man from Bellefontaine Neighbors who provoked an encounter.

McCulloch is infamous for his handling of the case of Darren Wilson, the police officer who killed 18 y/o Michael Brown in the street. McCulloch insisted on his office having closed-door meetings with grand jury members; and Wilson walked.

Beary, a father of three, stopped by the bar with a friend after getting off work. At some point he exchanged numbers (re: construction services) with the man who would eventually shoot him.

Later on, the gunman’s friend told bar patrons he had a German Shepherd that weighed 290 lbs. Beary expressed doubt, saying he weighed 325 lbs and couldn’t see a dog weighing that much. The gunman’s friend said he could prove it; the dog was outside in his car.  He invited Beary to accompany him and the gunman outside, but Beary got distracted with something and didn’t follow them out.

The gunman returned from the parking lot a few minutes later, agitated. When Beary was leaving, he patted the gunman on the shoulder and said, “No hard feelings.” The gunman responded by calling Beary a “fat f***” as he rounded the corner. When things then escalated to fisticuffs, the gunman drew his weapon and fired 4-5 rounds into Beary, killing him and wounding a bystander.

The shooter was disarmed and detained by bar patrons until police arrived. Police arrested the gunman, but then released him because St. Louis County Attorney Bob McCulloch can’t determine if charges should be brought.

Scott Beary’s wife is now grieving two lost loved ones. She and Scott just buried their daughter, who was born prematurely at 22 weeks.

Please contact St. Louis County Attorney Bob McCulloch through one of the channels below and give him the following message:

I am stunned that you have not yet brought charges against the 54 year-old man who shot and killed Scott Beary. This gunman clearly provoked a fist-fight and then killed Beary unnecessarily (just before they were separated by the bartender) because he felt like it. That’s why patrons at the bar detained the gunman until police arrived! I’m calling on you to prosecute this man for murdering Scott Beary. If the rule of law is to mean anything, we can’t allow people to murder on whim for the most petty of reasons. I will be watching your actions in this case closely and sharing info with my family/friends.

St. Louis County Attorney Bob McCulloch
Phone: (314) 615-2600
Email: pa@stlouisco.com

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