April 24, 2019

Action Alert:
Call for Firing of Deputy Who Mocked Deceased LGBTQ Teen

Update: On May 3, 2019, the Madison County Sheriff’s Office posted the following on Facebook, “The investigation [of Deputy Jeff Graves]…uncovered multiple violations of both County and Sheriff’s Office policies. In accordance with policy, a hearing on the allegations and policy violations was held today, and the Deputy resigned from employment with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office effective immediately.” Thanks to every One Pulser who took action in this campaign. You made a big difference.

On April 18, 2019, a bullied LGBTQ student at Huntsville High School in Alabama, Nigel Shelby, took his own life. Shelby, just 15, was remembered as “the sweetest child” and “full of light.” He had just come out to his mother in 2017 and was struggling with depression and identity.

Nigel Shelby

Echoing the intolerance Shelby faced at the hands of some of his fellow students, Madison County Deputy Jeff Graves mocked the teenager’s suicide on Facebook, writing, “Liberty, Guns, Bible, Trump and BBQ—that’s my kind of LGBTQ. I’m seriously offended there is such a thing as the [LGBTQ] movement. Society cannot and should not accept this behavior. I have a right to be offended and will always be offended by this fake movement which requires no special attention but by persons with an altered ego and fake agenda.”

Graves has been suspended from his job, but not fired. That is unacceptable and must change.

Please contact Madison County Sheriff Kevin Turner through one of the channels below and give him the following message, personalized to your liking:

I demand you fire Deputy Jeff Graves immediately for his cruel Facebook posts mocking the suicide of Huntsville High School student Nigel Shelby. This behavior makes it clear that Graves cannot administer his duties in a manner that is impartial and respectful of the rights of every citizen in this community. I find his homophobia disgusting as well as his fetishization of firearms—weapons which have claimed the lives of so many Madison County residents. Such a man will never enjoy trust in this community again. Fire him immediately and make it clear where the Madison County Sheriff’s Office stands.

Madison County Sheriff Kevin Turner
Phone: (256) 722-7181
Email via webform (make sure to click “Enable Form” first): https://www.madisoncountysheriffal.org/contact.php
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mcsosheriffAL/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mcsoSheriffAL

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