March 28, 2020

Action Alert:
Call out the NRA on their dangerous, paranoia-inducing video

21 March 2020 – the NRA has released a video of a disabled woman – basically telling everyone society is going to collapse and they must get a gun.

This paranoid, violence-inciting video would have you believe there is no well-regulated militia – no local police, no state troopers, no armed forces, no national guard, no FBI.

No, according to Carletta Whiting, you must have a gun to defend your property – asap.

The funny thing is Ms Whiting, who can’t be found on Twitter for the record, wants your sympathy because she is vulnerable to the Corona virus.

But she wants it both ways:  on the one hand we have to fear for her health because of the pandemic – but on the other hand, we apparently have to allow people to risk further spreading the disease by standing in long lines, going into gun shops, handling guns and money (bearing in mind the virus can live for hours and days on some surfaces).  If she’s scared of society breaking down then she should be fighting the spread of the disease, not getting ready to kill whoever might hypothetically try to rob her.

We know children are getting shot and dying from finding loaded guns; does she really think that panicky, inexperienced people possibly going into a lockdown situation should think this is the best time to get a lethal weapon?  The NRA’s irresponsible advert smacks to many as tokenism, fear-mongering, violence-inducing:  let’s tell them this is not the time for their Russian-funded scaremongering.  We have a well-regulated militia – it’s the police, the state troopers, the national guard and the armed forces.  It is not scared, inexperienced, paranoid people with guns like her.


Please contact the NRA through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:


I’ve just watched the vile video featuring Carletta Whiting in which she says everyone who wants a gun should have one, strongly implying society will break down because of the Corona Virus.  If she is actually a person who is vulnerable to it, can you or she explain why she wants people going to gun shops and risk spreading the disease more widely?  How many ways do you people want it?

We have a second amendment that allows for a well-regulated militia – and we have that:  we have police, state troopers, the national guard, the armed forces.  I want them keeping order, not some people made paranoid by your dangerous stunt who have run out and bought a gun because of the NRA.

I’m also not forgetting for a second that you are a Russian-funded, Russian-spy infiltrated organisation; a senate sub-committee found this to be the case, and the sooner you’re out of business the better off we’ll all be.

While millions are busy trying to help their neighbors during this crisis, you want everyone to think that looting and riots are the inevitable conclusion:  you are promoting a dangerous agenda, and I’m shocked at your self-serving greed even more than ever.

You didn’t find time to talk about the children who have been injured and killed so far this year because of legally-owned guns left loaded in homes:  that is down to you too.  If frightened people do run out and get guns and rounds, risking spreading the disease because of you, I hold you responsible for the inevitable injuries and deaths your ad will have contributed to.  How much more blood do you want on your hands?


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NRA is a Russian asset; a Senate sub committee proved NRA links to Russian spies, money, but here they are, making us paranoid, making us forget there are police, state troops, FBI to uphold the law. No more innocent lives lost 2 gun culture. Join @1Pulse4America help us fight

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