June 12, 2019

Action Alert:
Condemn Alabama AG for Shielding Officer(s) Who Killed E.J. Bradford

In December 2018, One Pulse for America conducted a campaign calling for charges against the unidentified Hoover Police Department officer who shot and killed 21 year-old Army veteran E.J. Bradford during a mall shooting in Alabama. Bradford, an African-American, had legally drawn a gun to protect himself and others after hearing gunshots and was killed by mistake. The officer shot him three times in the back at “a slightly upward angle.” We drove contacts to Jefferson County District Attorney Danny Carr, asking him to identify the officer and bring charges against him.

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall

Unfortunately, days later on December 13, 2018, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall removed District Attorney Danny Carr from the case. This marked the first time in 65 years an Alabama AG had taken over a DA’s murder investigation. Marshall claimed it was necessary because Carr, an African-American, had “potential conflicts” of interest due to his relationships with some local organizers protesting Bradford’s murder.

Rather then having a grand jury determine whether criminal charges were merited, AG Marshall cleared the officer who killed Bradford, saying he was justified in his actions. Marshall’s office refused an ensuing public records request from the ACLU for videos, documents, and the names of officers involved in the killing of Bradford (all of which are still being withheld from his family). Bradford’s family, the ACLU, and NAACCP responded by filing a federal wrong death lawsuit against AG Marshall and the Hoover Police Department.

Please contact Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall through one of the channels below and give him the following message, personalized to your liking:

I am absolutely furious you cleared the unidentified Hoover Police Department officer(s) who shot Army veteran E.J. Bradford in the back three times on November 22, 2018, killing him. First of all, you had zero business removing African-American district attorney Danny Carr from this case. The conflict of interest here is all YOURS. You are trying to buttress white supremacy in Alabama and put up a blue shield over intolerable behavior by these officers (who gave Bradford no time to react to verbal commands or lower his weapon). The fact that are you still hiding the identities of these officers speaks volumes. Shame on you for keeping their names from the grieving Bradford family, along with documents and video from the case. You’re engaging in a cover-up and this young veteran’s blood is on your hands, too. I wasn’t familiar with you before this case, but if you don’t allow a grand jury to look at this shooting and consider the merits of criminal charges against these officers, I will be dedicating my time and energy to ensuring you are defeated in your re-election bid. That means voting, organizing and funding your opponent as necessary. I will NOT tolerate this type of racism and incompetence in my government. 

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall
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