March 20, 2018

Action Alert:
Condemn Arkansas School for Paddling Walkout Students

Three students at Greenbrier High School in Arkansas who walked out of school for 17 minutes to participate in the National Walkout Day to prevent gun violence on March 14, 2018 where paddled by school administrators as punishment for their actions.

Three students at Greenbrier High School practiced nonviolence, and were met with violence in response.

The three students, only one of whom has been identified (senior Wylie Greer), were given one of two options by school administrators: Serve two days of in-school suspension or get hit two times with a wooden paddle. In an act of bravery and determination, all three students chose the latter.

It seems inconceivable that students could receive such corporal punishment in this day and age, but 22 states still allow school staff to hit children. 41% of students in Arkansas attend such schools.

Please contact Greenbrier H.S. principal Steve Landers and Superintedent Scott Spainhour through one of the channels below and give them the following message (personalized to your liking):

I cannot believe you paddled three students for peacefully exercising their First Amendments right to advocate for safe schools. These children walked out of your school to practice nonviolence for 17 minutes and you responded by hitting them. Is that the best that Greenbrier High School has to offer its young people? I sincerely hope not. You should be celebrating these children, not beating them with wood. They are your future leaders.  It staggers me that you would treat them in this type of barbaric manner. What a lack of generosity and imagination you have. Any school leader worth his/her salt would have stood up and called off this grotesque punishment immediately. You owe these young people a formal apology.

Greenbrier High School Principal Steve Landers
Phone: (501) 679-4236

Greenbrier Public Schools Superintendent Scott Spainhour
Phone: (501) 679-4808

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