May 10, 2018

Action Alert:
Contact Elementary School About Gun Show Field Trip

During the week of May 7, 2018, 5th graders at Williams Memorial Elementary School in St. George, South Carolina were taken on a field trip to tour the middle school they will be attending next year. But after leaving the middle school, the trip made an unexpected, unscheduled stop at a former armory, where the children were shown an array of dangerous firearms by unnamed parties at an impromptu “gun show.”

The firearms shown to fifth-graders at the unscheduled “gun show” included military-style weapons with no legitimate civilian purpose, like this Russian-made Saiga shotgun.

A man was captured in photos showing the 10- and 11-year-old students a long gun outfitted with a front pistol grip, silencer, high-capacity drum magazine, and truncated stock—common features of assault weapons.

The school superintendent, Dr. Morris Ravenell, acknowledged the side trip to the armory violated several school policies and indicated “the matter has been reviewed and handled in accordance with District policies.” However, we only know about one result of this “review.” Belinda Guice, a parent of one of the fifth graders on the trip who also works as a substitute teacher at Williams Memorial Elementary, has been fired after telling school officials, “You took away my right…for me to tell you if I want my son to be introduced to this type of stuff.” After the trip, her son told her, “Ma, I need a .22 caliber.” Guice’s brother was killed by gun violence when he was 32, leaving four children behind.

Please contact principal Shannon Stephens and superintendent Dr. Morris Ravenell through one of the channels below and give them the following message (personalized to your liking):

I am absolutely outraged that you have fired substitute teacher Belinda Guice at Williams Memorial Elementary School after she expressed criticism of the unannounced, unapproved “gun show” field trip for fifth-graders during the week of May 7, 2018. Belinda is a survivor of gun violence whose brother was shot and killed, leaving four children behind. If you can’t understand why it upset her to see her son forced to participate in this grotesque display of military-style weaponry, then you need to find new employment. Reinstate Belinda Guice as a substitute teacher at Williams Memorial immediately and fire the teachers who are responsible for diverting the field trip to the old armory. They have no business teaching children or being anywhere around them.  I will be watching your actions closely. Expect to hear back from me if this situation is not remedied.

Williams Memorial Elementary School Principal Shannon Stephens
Phone: (843) 563-3231
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Dorchester County School District 4 Superintendent Dr. Morris Ravenell
Phone: (843) 563-5910
Email via weblink:

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