January 31, 2018

Action Alert:
Express Concern About K-12’s Raffling of AR-15

Update: In response to our contacts, the “WM1 Project Prom 2018” Facebook page has been pulled down by its administrator(s). The post shown below came from the page.

The day after a 15 year-old student at Marshall County High School (Kentucky) shot and killed two students and wounded 18 others, a K-12 school in Wellsville, Missouri decided to raffle off an AR-15 assault rifle to support an “After Prom event.”

The day after the Kentucky school shooting…

Wellsville-Middletown R-1 describes their raffle as follows:

Project Prom next fundraiser is VERY COOL….we are going to be selling raffle tickets for a Olive Green, Del-Ton Sierra AR-15! Tickets will be $10 each and we decided to only sell 500 total tickets! They will go quick so please see your Junior and Senior class students or let us know how many you want!

The weapon is a Del-Ton Sierra 316 AR-15 semiautomatic rifle chambered in the 5.56 NATO round. The rifle comes with a 30-round magazine and a flash suppressor (used to disguise a shooter at night).

Please contact Wellsville-Middletown R-1 Superintendent Pete Nasir through one of the channels below and share the following message with him, personalized to your liking:

I was so upset to see Wellsville Middletown R-1 promoting the raffle of a semiautomatic battlefield rifle with a 30-round magazine just 24 hours after 20 casualties were inflicted on high school students in Kentucky. I have no problems with people owning firearms to hunt, or for self-defense in the home. But this looks more like bald-faced idolatry. Please understand that in most cases in school shootings, the shooter is a student of the school himself! I hope you will rethink this raffle. What message are you sending to your students? Are you preparing them for war?

Superintendent Pete Nasir
Phone: (573) 684-2428
Email: nasir@wmr1.k12.mo.us

Once you’ve contacted Pete Nasir, click the orange banner above to report taking action!

Thank you for standing up for the welfare of students in the state of Missouri.

[h/t to Alexa Tomassi of Sandy Hook Promise for the tip on this.]

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