November 19, 2019

Action Alert:
Happy Birthday NRA??

The NRA wants us to mark its birthday; it turned 148 this week.

OK, let’s do so.

No – our Action Alert will not change the NRA leadership’s mind.

YES – people will see your post and it will make your voice heard.

Maybe, just maybe, someone else will share it, someone will think about the issues, see a statistic or point they hadn’t thought of before.


Please contact the NRA through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking; please share it on your own page too.

Please share this action too – and feel free to share one or both of the images below, just click on one to get the link:



“Happy Birthday NRA?

Maybe you’ve bought into outdated NRA arguments.  This dispels them:

“The NRA’s American!” – Senate subcommittee reveals the NRA a Russian Asset for all its anti-American activities and taking Russian money from Putin’s agent

“Right to self-defense!” – 2018: only 1,478 shootings (3.1%) were defensive 

“2nd Amendment!” – It’s not 1776 now:  individuals with semi-automatic weapons are NOT in a well-regulated militia

“Owning a gun’s my right!” – 2018: 47,220 Americans shot: accidents, unlawful police shootings, children finding guns, children in schools, and people in places of worship.  Their health and lives are worth more than the NRA’s interpretation of the 2nd A.  There’s nothing American about this.

NRA =  Not Really American

Stats –

Join One Pulse for America – we’re taking actions to fight these tragic shootings and NRA propaganda


Contact the NRA:

Phone:  800 672 3888
Facebook: (NB they block posts, may block comments too)
Twitter: and their tweet bragging about their birthday is here:


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