September 26, 2017

Action Alert:
Leave Messages of Support for Gun Violence Survivors

Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence (MPGV) has launched a website called “Behind the Statistics” that shares stories about gun deaths and injuries and how families, friends, and communities have been affected by these tragedies. “No more numbers,” declares MGPV. “Say their names.” By allowing survivors to tell their deeply personal stories, MPGV hopes to help change the culture of violence in this country.

The stories cover the full spectrum of gun violence: homicides, suicides, shootings perpetrated by law enforcement, etc. At the bottom of each, there is a place for readers to leave comments of support.

Please take the following steps to show these gun violence survivors that you care about them and their advocacy:

1) Visit the Behind the Statistics website at:

2) Read at least one of the stories at the website and leave a loving comment for the survivor concerned at the bottom of the page by clicking “Leave a Reply.”

Once you have left a comment for one or more of the survivors at the website, click the orange banner below to report taking action!

This is an action alert, NOT an online petition. Please take the action before filling out the fields below.

28 people have taken this action