April 8, 2020

Action Alert:
Let domestic abuse victims know there is help

April 2020- with many cities and states implementing lockdowns and curfews to slow the spread of the Corona virus, domestic abuse victims are in danger:  but there is help.

Time Magazine spells out the issues in this latest article , and WAMU / American University Radio reports on the shocking statistics of domestic abuse and guns:

“An estimated 900,000 women alive today have been shot or shot at by an intimate partner. Between 2010 and 2017, intimate partner homicides that involved guns increased by 26% according to a 2019 study published in the journal Violence and Gender.

“’When survivors are forced to stay in the home or in close proximity to their abuser more frequently, an abuser can use any tool to exert control over their victim, including a national health concern such as COVID-19,” the National Domestic Violence Hotline wrote in a web post.”

This is a good time to remind your state officials about the wonderful initiative from Laforche Parish to help domestic abuse victims whose abusers have guns – our action with details is here, and can still be taken https://www.onepulseforamerica.com/action-alert/thank-lafourche-parish-sheriffs-office-for-its-domestic-violence-initiative/


Share the following message on your social media , personalized to your liking:

“If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline via text or call at 1-800-799-7233.  It’s free, it’s 100% confidential – it could save the health and lives of you and your loved ones.”


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