June 27, 2020

Action Alert:
NRA, Trump must answer for their Russian loyalty in light of Taliban Bounty Outrage

Before this week, we knew for certain that Russian operatives:

* interfered in America’s 2016 elections;
* used fake news to spread propaganda to influence voters;
* infiltrated the National Rifle Association which accepted millions of dollars from Russia. 

These facts shocked many Americans – but as of this week things became even more shocking:  The White House knew since March that Russian operatives offered the Taliban bounty for killing American servicemen and women.

Between the White House having this intel and now, Trump has:

* played golf c 9 times,
* hampered the International Criminal Court,
* moved closer to Putin in April over the Covid-19 virus, and even
* tried to get Russia a seat at G7.

If anyone needs a reminder, Trump’s son Eric once bragged that Russian money was used to purchase Trump’s Scottish golf properties (Eric then tried to backtrack), Trump has links to Russian mob figures, and Trump illegally asked for Russia’s help with the 2016 elections to hack Hillary Clinton’s email.

All the while knowing about the disgusting bounty,  and while 100,000 Americans died from coronavirus, Trump enjoyed his golf games.  Every time since March he praised Putin and tried to get Russia at the G7, Trump KNEW that Russia put a bounty on American lives.

This is Treason.

It is morally indefensible, wholly illegal, and Congress should act.

Then we have the NRA.  Russian operatives Alexander Torshin (a Putin direct link), Maria Butina were welcome into the NRA fold, Maria, who did jail time in the end for being an illegal Russian operative, helped set up links and trips for NRA members to Moscow.  The NRA, allegedly an educational non-profit, was awash with Russian money – making it easier to give money to its A-rated congressional candidates.

This is Treason.

Trump got $30,000,000 for his 2016 campaign from the NRA, which got millions from Russia.

This is Treason.


We will make sure as many American voters as we can reach are aware of Trump’s unforgivable links to Putin, and the NRA’s links to both.

We want the NRA stripped of its tax-exempt status.

Please contact Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi  through one of the channels below and give her the following message, personalized to your liking (copy your congresspeople please too):


Madam Speaker

The news that Trump continued to further Russian aims these last several months while the White House knew that Russia offered the Taliban a bounty on American lives makes me ill.  This is surely the darkest moment of any presidency.

Trump is linked to Russian underworld figures, he received $30 million for his 2016 campaign from the NRA – which was taking millions from Russia and courting Russian operatives.  You will know a Senate sub-committee branded the NRA a Russian Asset. Trump also asked Russia to illegally hack Hillary Clinton.

It may be late in the day for an impeachment, but action must absolutely be taken, and I look to you and my representatives to step up to the task.

I want everyone to see this message and be aware how treasonous Trump and the NRA are.  Both should be fully investigated, and the NRA clearly is not an educational body – it must lose its tax-exempt status.  No one who cares about American servicemen and women can possibly vote for Trump; no American can support the Russian-tainted NRA after this unforgivable scandal.

Phone:  (415) 556-4862

Email:  (form)   https://pelosi.house.gov/contact-me/email-me

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/NancyPelosi/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/SpeakerPelosi


Find your congressperson here:  https://www.conginst.org/contact-congress/

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