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  1. Action Alert: Thank Vermont Governor for Embracing Gun Reform When the mass shooting at Marjory Douglas Stoneman High School happened on February 14, 2018, Vermont Governor Phil Scott (R) was ‘A’-rated by the NRA. Two days later, he was notified by Fair Haven police that they had arrested an 18 year-old  who was plotting a school shooting to “exceed the... 4.12.2018 Actions Taken: 67 Continue »
  2. Action Alert: Thank Kaiser Permanente for Investing in Gun Violence Research Update: On June 20, 2019, Kaiser Permanente announced it was funding three clinical research studies on gun violence prevention. Kaiser Permanente Colorado Institute for Health Research will analyze a web-based education tool for safe gun storage in patients at risk of suicide. Kaiser Permanente Southern California Department of Research... 4.11.2018 Actions Taken: 69 Continue »
  3. Action Alert: Tell Virginia Venue to Cancel Ted Nugent After Violent Threat On April 6, 2018, long-time NRA board member Ted Nugent was interviewed by Alex Jones on Infowars. Jones asked Nugent why the left wants to ban guns. Here is what Nugent told him in response: “Just know that evil, dishonesty and scam artists have always been around and that... 4.10.2018 Actions Taken: 232 Continue »
  4. Action Alert: Call for Congressman to be Charged for Brandishing Gun Illegally A group of volunteers with Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense attended a Meet & Greet with Republican Congressman Ralph Norman at a diner in Rock Hill, South Carolina on April 6, 2018. But when they sat down at Rep. Norman’s table to have a conversation with him about... 4.9.2018 Actions Taken: 123 Continue »
  5. Action Alert: Tell Kansas Congressman to Support Students on Gun Control Update: Congressman Kevin Yoder was defeated by Democrat Sharice Davids, a freshman candidate, in the 2018 midterm elections. “He’s definitely not running ” said one of Yoder’s longtime political advisers.  Rep. Davids is first openly LGBTQ person to represent Kansas in Congress and the first Native-American woman... 4.5.2018 Actions Taken: 27 Continue »
  6. Action Alert: Tell School to Clear Record of Student-Survivor who Walked Out Update: Madison High School student Cooper Caffrey and his father Marty went on to become fierce opponents of arming teachers in Ohio’s K-12 schools. Their advocacy against guns in the classroom is chronicled in the 2019 documentary “Teachers Training to Kill” by director Kira Phillips. A 16 year-old Ohio... 4.3.2018 Actions Taken: 95 Continue »
  7. Action Alert: Tell Sacramento DA to Indict Officers who Killed Stephon Clark Update: Sacramento District Attorney Annie Marie Schubert eventually decided not to file charges against the officers who killed Stephon Clark. But the Clark family sued the city of Sacramento for $20 million and reached a settlement in June 2019. Additionally, artist A.J. Kute painted a three-story high portrait of... 4.2.2018 Actions Taken: 119 Continue »
  8. Action Alert: Thank Citibank for Dropping Irresponsible Gun Clients On March 22, 2018, Citibank announced an unprecedented new policy concerning its clients that sell firearms and ammunition.  The bank will no longer take new clients that sell firearms to customers under the age of 21 or individuals whose background checks cannot be completed in the allotted 72 hour-period (default... 3.26.2018 Actions Taken: 129 Continue »
  9. Action Alert: Thank Alabama Senator for Full-Throated Support of Gun Control When he ran in, and won, the special election for U.S. Senator from Alabama in 2017, Democrat Doug Jones bragged about being an avid hunter and a “Second Amendment guy.” When it came to gun reform, he toted the NRA line and offered nothing. “I want to enforce the... 3.23.2018 Actions Taken: 105 Continue »
  10. Action Alert: Remind Florida House Speaker He Takes Orders from Voters, Not NRA After supporting a historic package of post-Parkland gun control reforms that were signed into law by Florida Governor Rick Scott, state House Speaker Richard Corcoran (R-37th) is under attack by the NRA and reacting poorly. Florida’s new law allows for the arming of school staff (but only after the approval of... 3.22.2018 Actions Taken: 33 Continue »
  11. Action Alert: Tell School to Revoke Punishment for Student who Called Congressman Update: The Washoe County School District lifted Noah Christensen’s suspension on March 23, 2018 and gave him back his position as class secretary-treasurer. Thanks to everyone who took this action and urged school administrators to change course! On April 16, 2018, Christensen published a terrific essay at the ACLU... 3.21.2018 Actions Taken: 124 Continue »
  12. Action Alert: Condemn Arkansas School for Paddling Walkout Students Three students at Greenbrier High School in Arkansas who walked out of school for 17 minutes to participate in the National Walkout Day to prevent gun violence on March 14, 2018 where paddled by school administrators as punishment for their actions. The three students, only one of whom has... 3.20.2018 Actions Taken: 181 Continue »
  13. Action Alert: Support Gun Reform Candidate Wronged by NJ Democrats & DCCC Update: With the DCCC backing Jeff Van Drew, he prevailed over Tanzie Youngblood in the Democratic primary for New Jersey’s 2nd congressional district on June 5, 2018. Van Drew then flipped the district blue in the 2018 midterm elections, beating Republican Seth Grossman. When the House voted to approve... 3.19.2018 Actions Taken: 63 Continue »
  14. Action Alert: Tell Wells Fargo to Stop Bankrolling NRA and Gun Industry Update: Wells Fargo & Co. doubled down on its gun industry business in late September 2018, issuing a $40 million line of credit to gun manufacturer Sturm, Ruger & Co. Nun Nora Nash with the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility said, “This is shocking news because we are in... 3.15.2018 Actions Taken: 107 Continue »
  15. Action Alert: Condemn Illinois Governor for Veto of Gun Dealer Licensing Bill Update: On July 16, 2018, Republican Governor Bruce Rauner of Illinois signed two gun control bills into law: HB 2354, an ERPO bill that allows guns to be temporarily seized from individuals in crisis, and SB 3256, which imposes a 72-hour waiting period to purchase all guns in Illinois,... 3.14.2018 Actions Taken: 71 Continue »
  16. Action Alert: Tell Amazon to Dump NRA-TV or Lose Your Business One month after the horrific shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, Amazon is continuing to stream NRATV through its Amazon Fire TV service. Launched in 2016 and broadcast 24/7, NRATV is a propaganda tool that preaches bigotry and hate. The channel also airs thinly veiled threats... 3.13.2018 Actions Taken: 179 Continue »
  17. Action Alert: Tell Sen. Gardner to Remove his Hold on Fix NICS Act Update: On March 23, 2018, President Donald Trump signed an omnibus spending bill into law that contains the (unaltered) provisions of the Fix NICS Act. Texas Senator John Cornyn, one of the co-sponsors of the Fix NICS Act (along with Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy) tweeted the following in response:... 3.12.2018 Actions Taken: 75 Continue »
  18. Action Alert: Support Gun Reform Legislator Threatened with Death When it came time to introduce legislation during the 2018 state legislative session in Minnesota, Rep. Linda Slocum (D-Richfield) did not mess around. In the wake of the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida that changed the national dialogue on guns, Slocum introduced an ambitious bill (HF 3022) that would: 1)... 3.9.2018 Actions Taken: 132 Continue »
  19. Action Alert: Tell Rick Scott to Remove Armed Teacher Program with Line Item Veto Update: Florida Governor Rick Scott signed the compromise gun bill on March 9, 2018 without removing funding for the “Guardian” program. Thanks to everyone who contacted the governor. The new gun control reforms in this legislation will certainly save lives and the “Guardian” program is one of several choices schools... 3.8.2018 Actions Taken: 97 Continue »
  20. Action Alert: Thank Everytown and Giffords for Supporting a Ban on Assault Weapons The two “Bigs” in the gun control movement are now supporting an Assault Weapons Ban. On February 23, 2018, One Pulse for America launched a campaign calling on Everytown for Gun Safety (& Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense) and Giffords to take a public position in support of... 3.6.2018 Actions Taken: 97 Continue »
  21. Action Alert: Thank Delta for Standing Up to the NRA Update: On February 21, 2019, Delta CEO Ed Bastian was interviewed by the New York Times. He told them the following about his decision to end discounts to NRA members: “My first reaction when I learned about the discount was, “Why are we doing this?” And we made a... 3.5.2018 Actions Taken: 115 Continue »
  22. Action Alert: Tell “Death Wish” Makers That Film Should be Pulled Update: “Death Wish” was a box office flop in 2018, posting a net loss of $11.6 million for MGM. Just days after the mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, MGM Studios is releasing horror film director Eli Roth‘s remake of “Death Wish” with Bruce Willis... 3.2.2018 Actions Taken: 57 Continue »
  23. Action Alert: Tell IRS to Revoke NRA’s Tax-Exempt Status Update: In April 2019, a former head of the Internal Revenue Service division that oversees tax-exempt enterprises, Marc Owens, reviewed NRA federal tax forms, charity records, contracts, corporate filings, and internal communications and concluded the “litany of red flags is just extraordinary.” Owens added: “The materials reflect one of... 3.1.2018 Actions Taken: 209 Continue »
  24. Action Alert: Thank Dick’s for Ending Sales of Assault Weapons Update: In March 2019, In March, Dick’s announced it was taking all guns out of 125 of its 730 stores and replacing them with sports team merchandise. The Washington Post interviewed Dick’s CEO Edward Stack in May 2019 about his decision to stop selling assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition... 2.28.2018 Actions Taken: 556 Continue »
  25. Action Alert: Tell FedEx to Dump the NRA or Lose Your Business Update: FedEx decided to end shipping price discounts for NRA members effective November 4, 2018! According to FedEx, “The NRA just didn’t bring in enough business to merit its own deal. ” John Foley of Reuters observed, “It suggests the NRA no longer has the economic clout to inspire... 2.27.2018 Actions Taken: 194 Continue »
  26. Action Alert: Tell Companies Hosting NRA Convention to Back Out From May 3-6, 2018, the National Rifle Association will hold its annual meeting at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas, Texas. The Omni Dallas Hotel and the Hyatt Regency Dallas are providing rooms for meeting attendees. They are doing this against the wishes of Dallas Mayor Pro... 2.26.2018 Actions Taken: 194 Continue »
  27. Action Alert: Tell Everytown and Giffords to Support a Ban on Assault Weapons Update: Eleven days after the start of this campaign, Giffords announced a new policy supporting a ban on assault weapons.  Specifically, Giffords called to register all existing assault weapons with the federal government under the National Firearms Act (the same way we do for machine guns and silencers) and,... 2.23.2018 Actions Taken: 178 Continue »
  28. Action Alert: Support Student Survivors of the Parkland Shooting Just days after the horrific mass shooting that claimed 17 lives (15 others were injured by the gunman) at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, teachers and faculty there are calling on concerned citizens to support surviving students with GoFund Me donations and expressions of love. Please take one of... 2.22.2018 Actions Taken: 59 Continue »
  29. Action Alert: Tell Coach to Cancel AR-15 Raffle Tremendous controversy has erupted over an AR-15 raffle organized by the coach of a traveling little league baseball team in Neosho, Missouri. Coach Levi Patterson organized the team, and has the 7-9 year-olds on it selling raffle tickets in the community. Patterson’s original Facebook post about the raffle used the Neosho... 2.20.2018 Actions Taken: 269 Continue »
  30. Action Alert: Sign Petitions Calling for Assault Weapons Ban Following the gruesome mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on February 14, 2018, calls for a renewal of America’s federal Assault Weapons Ban (1994-2004) have been reinvigorated and heightened. The Parkland gunman used a semiautomatic AR-15-style assault rifle and high-capacity ammunition magazines in the... 2.19.2018 Actions Taken: 388 Continue »
  31. Action Alert: Tell Your Members of Congress to Demand a Vote on Assault Weapons Our nation is grieving again today in the immediate wake of another gruesome mass shooting at an American school.  On Valentine’s Day, a heavily-armed 19 year-old white supremacist killed 17 students and teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Fourteen others were wounded. The weapon was... 2.15.2018 Actions Taken: 333 Continue »
  32. Action Alert: Tell ATF Director to Fire Compromised Leader Update: After spending more than 28 years as a special agent with the ATF, acting deputy director and chief operating officer Ronald Turk quietly “retired” from the agency in February 2018. Thanks to everyone who contacted acting director Thomas Brandon and requested that Turk be removed! On February 14,... 2.14.2018 Actions Taken: 89 Continue »
  33. Action Alert: Tell the New York Times to Stop Publishing John Lott Update: The New York Times has not published another op-ed by fraudulent pro-gun “researcher” John R. Lott, Jr. since “Background Checks are Not the Answer to Gun Violence” in February 2018! Thank you to everyone who took this action and made it clear to the NYT that Lott is... 2.13.2018 Actions Taken: 61 Continue »
  34. Action Alert: Call for Charges Against Dog Weight Shooter Update: On February 27, 2018, 54 year-old Neal Myers was charged with second-degree murder, first-degree assault and two counts of armed criminal action for killing Scott Beary and attempting to kill another patron of Show-Me’s Sports Bar & Grill. Myers’ bail was set at $250,000, cash only. In April... 2.12.2018 Actions Taken: 50 Continue »
  35. Action Alert: Support 11 Year-Old Boy Paralyzed by Bullet Update: The Chicago Tribune published a lengthy and moving profile of 12 year-old Jalen Ivy on September 26, 2018. Jalen has made significant progress in his physical therapy (he can now lift himself off his bed and transfer to his wheelchair), moved to a new home (which he loves),... 2.9.2018 Actions Taken: 36 Continue »
  36. Action Alert: Tell Kentucky Legislator to Move Child Access Prevention Legislation On February 6, 2018, Kentucky state House Judiciary Committee chairman Joe Fischer (R-Fort Thomas) told the Lexington Herald Leader that his committee has yet to act on a bill  that would make it a crime to leave loaded firearms unsecured around children, HB 31. because he “just don’t know anything about it.”... 2.8.2018 Actions Taken: 37 Continue »
  37. Action Alert: Support Lucy McBath in her Run for Congress Update: Gun violence survivor Lucy McBath triumphed by a narrow margin in her congressional race against Republican Karen Handel and was seated in the House of Representatives in January 2019!  Lucy McBath became a prominent gun violence prevention activist following the 2012 murder of her teenage son Jordan Davis in Jacksonville.... 2.7.2018 Actions Taken: 39 Continue »
  38. Action Alert: Support Whistleblower from Gun Bully Intimidation Update: Matthew Guska was indicted on two counts of felonious assault on  December 7, 2018 for hitting a 157 Lounge patron in the head with a flashlight and injuring him. On May 21, 2019, Guska pleaded guilty to a reduced first-degree misdemeanor charge of assault.  He was placed on... 2.6.2018 Actions Taken: 36 Continue »
  39. Action Alert: Read & Bookmark Newsletter on State Gun Laws The Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence has a terrific product that we highly recommend to all of you are who are engaged in doing state-level work on gun laws. The GunLawTrendWatch newsletter tracks and analyzes firearms legislation in all 50 states. As its editors note:  “We research nearly 1,700... 2.5.2018 Actions Taken: 38 Continue »
  40. Action Alert: Read Report on America’s Crime Gun Exports The Center for American Progress has released a terrific new online report called “Beyond Our Borders.” The report looks at how weak American gun laws impact violent crime in countries in North America, Central America, and the Caribbean. Typically we think of this problem in terms of U.S. gun... 2.2.2018 Actions Taken: 33 Continue »
  41. Action Alert: Read GVPedia White Paper on Defensive Gun Use GVPedia is a terrific new website that gives users access to a comprehensive collection of peer-reviewed studies on gun violence. The creator of GVPedia, Devin Hughes, is also authoring “White Papers” on different topics to bring together some of this research in a more accessible way. The latest white paper... 2.1.2018 Actions Taken: 34 Continue »
  42. Action Alert: Express Concern About K-12’s Raffling of AR-15 Update: In response to our contacts, the “WM1 Project Prom 2018” Facebook page has been pulled down by its administrator(s). The post shown below came from the page. The day after a 15 year-old student at Marshall County High School (Kentucky) shot and killed two students and wounded 18... 1.31.2018 Actions Taken: 111 Continue »
  43. Action Alert: Tell Arizona State Reps. You Have Their Back A disturbing incident occurred on January 25, 2018 when armed Trump supporters confronted three Arizona state representatives near the state Capitol in Phoenix. The armed Trump supporters surrounded Rep. Pamela Hannley (D-Tucson) and yelled at her about “protecting illegals.”  Reps. Eric Descheenie (D-Chinle) and Representative Wenona Benally (D-Window Rock)—who are Native... 1.30.2018 Actions Taken: 49 Continue »
  44. Action Alert: Sign Credo Petition Telling Senate to Investigate NRA Update: The CREDO poll now has more than 89,000 signatures. On May 16, 2018, Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee released a report titled, “Preliminary Findings About Trump Campaign’s Effort to Obtain Incriminating Information on Secretary Clinton from Russia at Trump Tower Meeting.” It stated: “The Committee has obtained a number... 1.29.2018 Actions Taken: 112 Continue »
  45. Action Alert: Share Article About Kentucky Shooting with Members of Congress This morning brought the heartbreaking news that 15-year old student Bailey Holt—one of the two killed yesterday at Marshall County High School in Kentucky—had called her mother just before she was shot and killed. “She called me and all I could hear was voices, chaos in the background,” said... 1.25.2018 Actions Taken: 48 Continue »
  46. Action Alert: Tweet Thoughts About Gun Violence to Shot Show Each year, the Newtown-based National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) organizes the gun industry’s “Shot Show.” Because they have no respect for gun violence survivors, the NSSF is conducting the event this year in Las Vegas, the site of the worst U.S. mass shooting in history. The Las Vegas shooting... 1.24.2018 Actions Taken: 29 Continue »
  47. Action Alert: Write Letter to Editor Expressing Opposition to Comments of Rep. Scott Perry The day the news broke that the NRA was being investigated by the FBI for spending Russian money on Donald Trump during his 2016 presidential campaign, Republican Congressman Scott Perry of Pennsylvania went on Tucker Carlson’s show and claimed that ISIS was behind the Las Vegas shooting. “I smell... 1.23.2018 Actions Taken: 24 Continue »
  48. Action Alert: Share Blockbuster Article About FBI Investigation Into NRA On the morning of January 18, 2018, McClatchy published a bombshell article revealing that the National Rifle Association is under investigation by the FBI. Specifically, the FBI is investigating whether Russian Central Bank head Alexander Torshin illegally funneled money to the NRA to help Donald Trump win the presidency. The NRA’s... 1.18.2018 Actions Taken: 59 Continue »
  49. Action Alert: Defeat Permitless Carry Bill in Florida Update: On January 18, 2018, SB 1242 was placed on the agenda of the Florida Senate Judiciary Committee but never considered. The bill was indefinitely postponed and withdrawn from consideration by Senator Greg Steube on March 10, 2018 when he was unable to muster the votes needed to pass... 1.17.2018 Actions Taken: 41 Continue »
  50. Action Alert: Reprimand Albuquerque Journal for Running MLK Gun Ad This year on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day the Albuquerque Journal ran a repulsive advertisement from Los Ranchos Gun Shop that invoked the name and image of Dr. King in order to sell firearms and ammunition. Placed alongside women’s basketball scores in the sports section of Sunday’s Journal, the ad promoted... 1.16.2018 Actions Taken: 60 Continue »