December 15, 2017

Action Alert:
Read About Americans Living with Injuries from Gunfire

Six out of every seven people who are shot in America survive.

According to the CDC’s WISQARS tool, in the year 2015, nearly 85,000 Americans were shot but not killed. That’s more than twice the number of fatalities from guns that year (36,252).

Kareem Nelson, a paralyzed gun violence survivor from NYC who heads Wheelchairs Against Guns, is profiled in the Atlantic piece.

We are now seeing shootings in this country that are inflicting massive casualties. The Las Vegas shooter wounded 546 concert-goers. These survivors are quickly forgotten and left to deal with significant injuries and emotional trauma alone. Legislators fail to give them the appropriate voice they should have in debates about gun policy.

There’s an exciting new article in The Atlantic titled “Americans Don’t Really Understand Gun Violence” that talks about this forgotten group of survivors and their lives. It also stresses the paucity of research we have about gun violence even when it comes to basic questions like:

  • Who pulled the gun?
  • Who, if anyone, was struck?
  • What happened to the victim?

It’s a great article to read and share; rich in important information about how we might improve the quality of life of gun violence survivors in this country.

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