February 1, 2018

Action Alert:
Read GVPedia White Paper on Defensive Gun Use

GVPedia is a terrific new website that gives users access to a comprehensive collection of peer-reviewed studies on gun violence. The creator of GVPedia, Devin Hughes, is also authoring “White Papers” on different topics to bring together some of this research in a more accessible way.

The latest white paper is “Defensive Gun Uses.”

If you believe the pro-gun community, Americans are using their guns constantly to deter home invasions.

As you may know, pro-gun activists frequently overstate the number of times American gun owners use their weapons in legitimate acts of self-defense. The GVPedia white paper, which is just a single page, has all the nitty-gritty information you will need to refute such claims—whether you’re chatting with someone online or face-to-face with a legislator.

Please read the white paper on DGUs  at the following link and then share it on Facebook and/or Twitter:


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Thanks for doing the best you can to stay educated on the gun issue. As Devin likes to say, now you’re “armed with reason”!

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