December 14, 2019

Action Alert:
Sandy Hook 7th anniversary: sign the card

14 December 2019 – Today marks the anniversary of the brutal, cold-blooded slaying of innocent children and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  The gunman was able to take 26 lives – in under 4 minutes.

The families are taking to social media to express their feelings.  ABC News reported that Marie-Claude Duytschaever, who lost her 6-year-old grandson Noah Pozner in the shooting, posted: “I can tell you that had Noah died in his bed, the last seconds of his life wouldn’t have been filled with deafening noises, blood and terror. … That is the reality of gun violence. Not an abstraction. Not a statistic,”

To lose anyone to such a violent, preventable (with sane gun laws) death must be an agony beyond measure.  What made things worse for the bereaved relatives of Sandy Hook were the actions of Alex Jones, who used his influence to get his vile followers to insist that the massacre was a complete hoax.

Parents of dead children received hate mail  and abuse.   Jeremy Richman whose daughter Avielle was fatally shot at Sandy Hook took his own life this year – and it is not hard to see how this abuse may have contributed to this tragedy.  

Jones faces multiple lawsuits for the damage he inflicted with his fake news attacks.  James Fetzer wrote a book calling the shooting a hoax; in October the courts found against him and awarded a settlement to one of the parents defamed by Fetzer’s unspeakable book.  This may bode well for those suing Jones.

This past week it emerged Jones wants the courts to throw out a suit against him:  saying he has experienced emotional distress.  The hypocrisy is staggering.  Parents, relatives, many begged him to stop his bizarre conspiracy theory that the deaths were faked:  he would not stop.  Jones now says he was psychotic at the time – that’s his excuse.  Why he didn’t seek treatment instead of lashing out should be explained in court.

It is hoped his move to dismiss the suit against him will fail – it would set a remarkable precedent for one thing:  of course any law suit will cause emotional distress.   Such stress cannot begin to approach the stress of having a loved one murdered – and then to be hounded by Jones and his ‘Info Wars’ and his supporters with relentless abuse.


We will be keeping an eye on the odious Alex Jones – but for now Sandy Hook Promise, the support group for Sandy Hook survivors wants people to sign their card:

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