January 16, 2019

Action Alert:
Send Card to Girl Who Was Kidnapped, Orphaned by Gunman

Update: On May 24, 2019 Jake Patterson received a sentence of life in prison for kidnapping Jayme Closs and killing her parents. In her personal statement to the court, Jayme said, “There’s some things that Jake Patterson can never take from me. He can’t take my freedom. He thought that he could own me but he was wrong. I was smarter … Jake Patterson can never take away my courage … He can never take away my spirit … He can’t stop me from being happy and moving forward with my life. I will go on to do great things in my life, and he will not … Jake Patterson will never have any power over me.”

On the night of October 15, 2018, 13 year-old Jayme Closs woke up to the sound of her dog barking and saw a car coming up the driveway. She woke up her parents and her father James Closs went to investigate. He was met at the door by 21 year-old Jake Patterson, who killed him with a shotgun. Patterson then broke down the bathroom door to confront Jayme and her mother Denise Closs, who were hiding in the bathtub. He shot and killed Denise in front of Jayme, then bound and kidnapped her.

Jayme Closs, 13, and the man who killed her parents and abducted her, 21 year-old Jake Patterson.

Patterson put Jayme in his car trunk and drove two hours to a home his father owns in the small, rural town of Gordon, Wisconsin. There he kept her for 88 days—physically and verbally abusing her—until she managed to escape and find neighbor Jeanne Nutter walking her dog nearby. “I don’t know where I am,” Jayme told Jeanne. “He killed my parents. Please help. I want to go home.”

Jayme is now living with an aunt in Barron, Wisconsin and dealing with the trauma from her ordeal.  Friends of the family have set up a P.O. Box so that well-wishers can send Jayme letters, cards and gifts.

Please snail mail Jayme your message of love and support to the following address:

Light the Way Home for Jayme Closs
P.O. Box 539
Rice Lake, WI 54868

You’re welcome to use the following template for your message:

Jayme, I am so terribly sorry for the loss of your parents and all you suffered while being held prisoner in Gordon. No young person should ever have to experience such horrors. I care about you and I am sending you all my love and support. I am amazed at the courage and strength you demonsrtated in escaping from this monster. You’re an inspiration and I hope you’re happy and being gentle with yourself. There will be long days ahead, but there is a bright future ahead for you full of wonderful things.

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