June 18, 2018

Action Alert:
Send Card to Gun Violence Survivor Undergoing Brain Surgery

Joseph Jaskolka was 11 years old on New Year’s Eve 1998 when he went to Penn’s Landing in South Philadelphia to watch the annual fireworks.  Joe was a happy, active kid—a football quarterback who also participated in basketball and karate. But that night a bullet fell from the sky and hit him in the head, changing his life forever.

At one of the many press events Joe has done with the Philadelphia Police to highlight the dangers of celebratory gunfire, his father holds an x-ray image of the bullet lodged in Joe’s head.

Joe was hit by celebratory gunfire from a shooter that was never caught. The bullet lodged in his head and injured him catastrophically. paralyzing the right side of his body and confining him to a wheelchair. Since that time, Joe has had more than 50 surgeries on his brain and eyes that have cost insurers more than $15 million. “With every brain surgery, I lose more mobility,” Joe said. “Really, it’s like a life in decline.”

Now Joe is facing yet another brain surgery on June 25, 2018.

Joe has not stopped living his life. He attended Delaware Technical Community College to study criminal justice and has been an inspirational public education advocate against celebratory gunfire. But you can imagine the frustration and pain he feels on a daily basis. He needs our love and support.

Please send a Best Wishes/Get Well card (depending on whether you send the card before or after June 25) to Joe at the following address:

Joseph Jaskolka
10 Wayne Drive
Wilmington, DE 19809

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