December 11, 2017

Action Alert:
Send Christmas Card to 5 Year-Old Survivor of Sutherland Springs

Update: Ryland has recovered from his injuries and was released from University Hospital on January 11, 2018. Per his request, he got to ride home in a bright red fire truck from the Wilson County Fire Department. Thank you to everyone who sent Ryland a card during his hospital stay!

During the terrible mass shooting in Sutherland Springs on November 5, 2017, five year-old Ryland Ward was shot five times—twice in the stomach, twice in the leg, and once in the elbow—and survived.  His nine year-old sister, Rianna, also survived, uninjured.

Unfortunately, not all of Ryland’s family made it. His stepmother, JoAnn Ward, and her two daughters, Brooke (5) and Emily (7), were killed in the attack. With Ryland still recovering in the hospital, his family has not had the heart to tell him.

They did ask Ryland what he wanted in this difficult moment, however, and his response was Christmas cards. In particular, he likes receiving pictures of other children and their pets.

Please snail mail a Christmas card (or some other card) to Ryland at the following address:

Ryland Ward
P.O. Box 174
Sutherland Springs, Texas, 78161

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