December 16, 2020

Action Alert:
Stop former cop Aguirre owning guns, review his cases

Houston, 14 December – former Police Captain Mark Anthony Aguirre falsely, incorrectly decides that an AC repairman is involved in massive vote fraud.  Failing to convince the police or other authorities of his bizarre claim:  he is alleged to have hit his victim’s vehicle, forcing him to stop:  and then pointing a gun at his head.

If the name Mark Anthony Aguirre is familiar, he was linked to a K-Mart policing action which was so disastrous the controversy prompted the largest internal affairs investigation in HPD’s history and later resulted in disciplinary action against 32 officers and staff members. A jury acquitted Aguirre of five counts of official oppression.

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said Aguirre “crossed the line from dirty politics to commission of a violent crime and we are lucky no one was killed.”

The false, ridiculous vote fraud conspiracy he believed seems to have concerned Facebook’s Zuckerberg’s getting Hispanic children to forge votes.  Unsurprisingly, Aguirre could not get anyone in law enforcement to agree to any arrests.  Instead, he decided to operate outwith the law, and drew a weapon on an innocent man, forcing him to stop his vehicle.  No trace of voter fraud was found – only repairman’s tools.

Aguirre apparently is linked to the ‘Liberty Center for God and Country’ group.  There was a Go Fund Me appeal, since removed, created to ‘fund the vote fraud work’ Aguirre and others were involved in.   One news source says Aguirre, 63, was allegedly paid $266,400 by the Liberty Center for God and Country to investigate voter fraud in the lead up to the election

This is a former police chief who has shown a serious lack of regard for human rights, fire arm safety, law and order:  it’s time to ask for his former cases to be reviewed:  and for him to lose the right to have firearms.

As an aside, in a slogan taking us back to the McCarthy era of communist-hating, the Liberty Center told its 900 Facebook page members that ‘the only good communist is a dead communist’ – feel free to report this post too, made as it is to highly-paranoid, suggestible people who will undoubtedly include gun owners in its membership.  Report here:


Please contact DA Kim Hogg through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:


Dear DA Ogg, As a gun law reform campaigner I appreciate your strong words concerning the illegal, dangerous, armed attack ex Houston police chief Mark Anthony Aguirre made on an innocent party. As you know, he decided to take the law into his own hands concerning non-existent voter fraud he believed was going on, and brandished a gun at an innocent man. You were right when you said ‘it is lucky no one was killed.’  I am sure we will see a robust case built against Aguirre, and I do hope one result is he will be prohibited from ever having firearms again. Additionally, I wonder about the robustness of any past convictions his evidence may have influenced, and in how a man like him with no understanding of law became a police captain – I hope his past work will be looked at too. Thank you.

-OR- this tweet

@kimoggforda I appreciate your strong words re ex Houston police chief Mark Anthony Aguirre who brandished a gun at an innocent party. You were right when you said ‘it is lucky no one was killed.’ I do hope he will be prohibited from ever having firearms again. 

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