May 17, 2018

Action Alert:
Find Justice for Stephon Clark and Others

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On March 18, 2018, Sacramento Police officers Terrence Mercadal and Jared Robinet responded to a 911 call about a man breaking car windows. The officers made their way to a potential suspect and engaged him with gunfire almost immediately. Mercadal and Robinet fired a total of 20 rounds at the suspect, who collapsed.

Stephon Clark with his niece just hours before he was killed in his own yard by Sacramento Police. He was a father to two beautiful sons.

Twenty-two year-old Stephon Clark was the man officers shot. He was standing in the backyard of the home where he lived with his grandmother, unarmed. The two officers failed to administer first aid or call an ambulance. Instead, they handcuffed Clark and watched him bleed to death. Then they turned their body camera mics off.

Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert has yet to even begin an investigation into this totally unnecessary murder of a young father with his whole life ahead of him. Over her past three political campaigns, Schubert has taken $420,000 from law enforcement groups.

Sacramento County Deputy District Attorney Noah Phillips is running against Schubert next year for DA and has the blessing of Shaun King’s Real Justice PAC and many other social justice groups. King wrote: “He supports bail reform, protecting undocumented immigrants, and expanding reentry services for returning citizens. He has a great plan to end mass incarceration and to fully fund diversion programs. He is already calling for justice for Stephon Clark.”

Please take one or more of the following three actions to make sure Noah Phillips succeeds Anne Marie Schubert as Sacramento DA:

1) Make a donation to Noah Phillips’ campaign at:

2) Volunteer for the Phillips campaign if you are in the Sacramento area. If you are not, ask those you know in the Sacramento area to volunteer. If you are capable of doing so, also consider hosting a fundraiser.

3) Share the above weblink for Phillips’ campaign page and encourage family & friends to support him however they can.

Bonus contact info to provide feedback to DA Schubert:

Sacramento DA Annie Marie Schubert
Phone:  (916) 572-7501 or (916) 874-6218

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