December 13, 2017

Action Alert:
Support Effort to Ban Bump Stocks in South Carolina

Mayor Steve Benjamin and the Columbia City Council are making an exciting push to ban bump stocks and trigger cranks in the capital city of South Carolina. Four of the five Columbia City Council members have approved the reform so far, and now lawmakers in the state capitol are proposing legislation to ban bump stocks in South Carolina altogether.

Columbia’s is South Carolina’s capital and the seat of the South Carolina Statehouse.

South Carolina is a state that is heavily impacted by gun violence. It has a high rate of gun death (11th highest of the 50 states in 2015)  and has been devastated by great tragedies like the mass shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston.

Over the years, South Carolina’s politicians have marched lock-step with the gun lobby, giving the state some of the weakest gun laws in the country.  That’s why this new push by Mayor Benjamin and the Columbia City Council is so exciting and important. But they are facing some resistance, including from Republican gubernatorial candidate Catherine Templeton, and need our support.

Progress South Carolina has put together a terrific petition on this issue in support of Mayor Benjamin and the Columbia City Council, letting them know that we have their backs.

Please click the link below to sign the Progress South Carolina petition:

Leave a comment if you can, particularly if you live in South Carolina or travel there. Here’s an example of one:

South Carolina is a beautiful state. I love traveling there. I think it’s important for cities like Columbia to show leadership and ban bump stocks after one man inflicted 600 casualties in just 10 minutes while using them in Las Vegas. At some point, this type of degenerate gun culture degrades safety to the benefit of only the gun industry. I’m not OK with my family being put under unnecessary risk. Time for change.

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