September 28, 2017

Action Alert:
Support Colorado Gun Violence Prevention Advocate Eyeing Run

Update: On December 17, 2017, Ken Toltz announced he was suspending his race for Congress because of a serious health situation in his immediate family.

Safe Campus Colorado founder and co-chair Ken Toltz is currently exploring a run in Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District. This is the seat being vacated by Democrat Representative Jared Polis. Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense founder Shannon Watts had also considered a run in Colorado’s 2nd, but decided against it.

Ken Toltz is also a dedicated environmentalist. A 3rd generation Coloradan, he loves his state’s natural beauty.

Safe Campus Colorado is a terrific organization that “believes gun violence prevention is one of the major public safety issues of our time.” Ken has fought tirelessly to rewrite Colorado law so that individuals are prohibited from bringing firearms onto the state’s college campuses.

Ken is a political veteran. He ran for Congress in Colorado’s 6th district against Tom Tancredo in 2000. He also taught business strategy at the University of Denver.

Here is a description of what an exploratory committee does:

The exploratory committee has been around for decades, and technically it creates a legal shell for a candidate who expects to spend more than $5,000 while contemplating an actual run. Under the rules, exploratory money may be raised without the full disclosure of sources required of true candidates. Only when the candidate drops the exploratory label does the full responsibility of transparency apply. Candidates use an exploratory committee as not only a transitional phase for their bookkeeping but as an extra claim on media attention.

Here’s how you can help Ken as he explores a run for Jared Polis’ vacated seat:

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3) If you are capable of doing so, make a contribution to Ken’s exploratory committee.

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