April 13, 2018

Action Alert:
Support GVP Champion for Congress in Pennsylvania

Update: Unfortunately, Shira Goodman lost to State Rep. Madeleine Dean in the 2018 Democratic primary in Pennsylvania’s 4th congressional district. Thanks to everyone who supported this GVP champion.

We are blessed to have a proven champion of gun violence prevention running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 4th congressional district in November 2018. Shira Goodman has taken a leave of absence as executive director of the gun control group Ceasefire PA to contend for the seat as a Democrat.

Shira Goodman and Ceasefire PA community organizer Michael Cogbill talk with Cooke Middle School students in Philadelphia during a planned conversation about gun violence in June 2017. The students had recently lost one of their classmates to gun violence and wondered why we couldn’t just ban guns.

The very first priority that Shira lists on her campaign website is Gun Violence Prevention. Her statement reads as follows: “Suicides represent  an especially high percentage of the gun deaths in Montgomery County, [Pennsylvania] and suicides attempted with guns are much more likely to be completed. We know how to solve the uniquely American problem of gun violence, but our officials in Harrisburg and Washington, D.C. are unwilling to stand up for their constituents. They sacrifice lives for the sake of appeasing the greedy gun lobby … Shira will work tirelessly to break the logjam and help us treat this as the public health crisis it is.”

One Pulse for America director Ladd Everitt has had the pleasure of working with Shira in the National Gun Violence Prevention Coalition for many years. “Shira fought the NRA to a stand-still in Pennsylvania before the cultural awakening on guns that happened in the wake of the Parkland shooting,” said Ladd. “I am so excited to see what she can accomplish in the U.S. House of Representatives. We can count 100% on her vote, every time.”

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