November 1, 2017

Action Alert:
Support GVP Champion Ralph Northam in VA Gubernatorial Race

Update: On November 8, 2017, Democrat Ralph Northam won Virginia’s gubernatorial race, defeating Republican Ed Gillespie by 54% to 45%. Northam has promised that gun reform will be at the top of his priorities as governor. Thanks to everyone who took this action!

The Virginia elections are taking place on Tuesday and there is a stark contrast in the gubernatorial race when it comes to the candidates’ positions on gun policy.

The Republican candidate, Ed Gillespie, has refused to release his NRA questionnaire. The NRA is airing ads on television  attacking his opponent.

It’s little wonder why. Democrat Ralph Northam is a pediatrician and Army veteran who has an exemplary record when it comes to supporting policies that will reduce gun violence.

Lori Haas, whose daughter was shot and injured in the mass shooting at Virginia Tech, appeared in this TV ad for Ralph Northam’s gubernatorial campaign.

Northam is known for his bold leadership on gun control. In 2009, when a universal background check bill made it to the floor of the Virginia Senate for the first and only time, Ralph voted YES while many other rural Democrats voted NO.  He has the support of gun violence survivors across Virginia, to include Lori Haas, Andy and Barbara Parker, Andrew Goddard, Jeanette Richardson, and many others. They view him as a trusted ally they can count on no matter how difficult a vote or decision might be.

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