December 21, 2021

Action Alert:
Support Letitia James’ Gun Law Reforms

December 2021 – New York’s Attorney General Letitia James is trying to achieve meaningful gun law reform. This inevitably means she is being attacked on social media. We will send messages of support.

Attorney General James is the subject of a lawsuit by segments of the gun industry following her decision to implement a state public nuisance statute that allows gun makers and distributors to be sued if their products are used in crimes by third parties.

NewYork State laws seeking to hold manufacturers of lethal weapons to account is behind these  manufacturers suing Ms James.

In a December 16 press statement  Ms James said:  “Once again, the gun lobby is trying to exert total control over this country and thwart common-sense efforts to protect lives.

“Make no mistake: We will aggressively defend this law and won’t back down against their continued attempts to endanger New Yorkers.”


While many gun-violence-weary New Yorkers are sending her messages of support, there are many people sending hateful, illogical messages to her on social media.

This is a remarkably easy action alert to take; it may be our last of the year.  All you need to do is comment on her social media,  on a platform of your choice, with a brief message of support.   You can choose to call or email – but by making a public comment, you will be showing to the rest of the community she has your support, and there are people like us out here who want gun law reform.  When there are no messages of support visible, it looks like there is no support:  let’s counter that.  By the way, we are closing in on a massive 50,000 actions taken over the years! Many of these have been successful in their aims and/or directly contributed to successful outcomes. A few minutes of your time will leave a visible sign that you want gun law reform.  Please do take this action, thank you!


Please follow one of these links shown below and leave the following message, personalized to your liking. You can take this action more than once.  Please do not engage with the many trolls out there, just send a polite message of support for AG James:


“Dear Ms James, I applaud your actions on gun law reform; lives are at stake.  A well-regulated militia does not mean school shootings, mass shootings, and the huge death toll America has because of avoidable gun violence.”

Phone:    1-800-771-7755

Email:    (this is a link to the form to fill out)

Facebook: – scroll down and you will find the gun-related posts 



Once you have made contact, fill out the three fields below and click the orange banner to report taking action!  This is important – we will never use or share your email, but we will use this to count the individuals who have done the action alert, and you will be credited with taking an action on our leaderboard – see here:  




This is an action alert, NOT an online petition. Please take the action before filling out the fields below.

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