February 7, 2018

Action Alert:
Support Lucy McBath in her Run for Congress

Update: Gun violence survivor Lucy McBath triumphed by a narrow margin in her congressional race against Republican Karen Handel and was seated in the House of Representatives in January 2019! 

Lucy McBath became a prominent gun violence prevention activist following the 2012 murder of her teenage son Jordan Davis in Jacksonville. Jordan was shot and killed by 47 year-old Michael Dunn in a gas station parking lot. Dunn pulled the trigger (repeatedly) because Davis and other young African-Americans were in a vehicle beside him playing loud music. Thankfully, even under Florida’s outrageously permissive “Stand Your Ground” law, jurors convicted Dunn of first-degree murder, putting him in prison for life.

In January 2018, Lucy announced a run for a seat in the Georgia state House of Representatives. Two months later she changed her mind, announcing she would instead run for Congress as a Democrat in Georgia’s 6th congressional district.

Lucy won the Democratic primary on July 24 and will face Republican incumbent Karen Handel in the general election in November. The NRA endorsed Handel and gave her an ‘A’ rating for opposing all sensible attempts at gun reform while further weakening America’s gossamer gun laws.

Lucy thinks we can do far better. “I am still his mother,” McBath said of Jordan in a campaign video. “I still continue to mother him by making sure I preserve the lives of other children like him. We thought maybe he would be a community activist. What I thought I saw in him is what I’ve become. I can speak truth in Washington.”

Please take one or more of the following actions to support GVP champion Lucy McBath in her run for Congress:

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