November 22, 2017

Action Alert:
Talk to Family About Gun Control at Thanksgiving Dinner

American gun violence prevention advocates know how important it is to advocate for tougher laws. The United States has the weakest gun laws of any democracy, and these laws cause hundreds of unnecessary deaths and injuries on a daily basis.

But it will be difficult if not impossible to change our gun laws without confronting the degenerate culture that under-girds them.  By disseminating propaganda that plays on Americans’ fears, the gun lobby has brainwashed millions into believing that guns are sacred objects. These Americans consider firearms to be inviolate and will defend them whatever the cost, even if it means sacrificing an infinite number of human lives (the “price of liberty” argument). Sadly, even good people sometimes fall prey to this propaganda.

Social norming America’s degenerate gun culture out of existence is possible, however. Consider, for example, just how dramatically Americans’ views on smoking have changed in just a generation.

As you gather with family and friends this Thanksgiving, consider broaching the topic of gun control at the dinner table. Be polite and respectful to those around you, but do NOT apologize for wanting stricter gun laws. Don’t come off as defensive or hesitant. Be confident, strong, resolute. Acknowledge that pro-gun advocates have a right to their view, but make it clear that you will never stop engaging in grassroots advocacy until this country has strict gun laws on par with other free countries—this issue is that important to you.

If anyone tries to derail you by spouting supposed “statistics,” ask them to provide a primary source for each of their claims (other than discredited researcher John Lott). If they call you “radical,” tell them that the fetishization of weapons designed to take human life is what is radical and causing all this violence. Then challenge them. What are they doing to prevent the next mass shooting tragedy (or any shooting) from happening? If they don’t have an answer, ask them: So you’re telling me we’re just supposed to accept daily horrors like the Las Vegas shooting happening in our communities on a permanent basis? If they say yes, tell them that is unacceptable and you won’t stand for it.

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