November 21, 2017

Action Alert:
Tell Cabela’s to Cancel Gun Giveaways on Black Friday

Following the worst (single shooter) mass shooting in U.S. history  in Las Vegas, outdoors mega-retailer Cabela’s is planning a gun giveaway on Black Friday at different locations across the country.

The Ruger LC9 pistol, designed for the killing of civilians in public, is so compact it almost fits in the palm of your hand.

Vouchers for a free firearm (or other gift) will be distributed to the first 600 people age 18 and over in line that morning at each participating store.

One of the firearms Cabela’s is giving away is the semiautomatic Ruger LC9, a compact pistol designed to be carried in public. Ruger advertises the LC9 as featuring “a short, light, crisp trigger pull for faster, more accurate shooting.” “Slim, lightweight and compact for personal protection,” they add.

Please contact Cabela’s through one of the channels below and give them the following message:

I was horrified to learn that you are giving away free semiautomatic handguns on Black Friday. The handgun in question, the Ruger LC9, is a compact pistol designed to be carried secretly in public so it cannot be detected. I find it grotesque that you would find this promotion acceptable so soon after the worst mass shooting in U.S. history (Las Vegas) and other recent gun-related horrors. You might also wish to consider that at least 31 individuals legally permitted to carry concealed guns in public have committed mass shootings (three or more innocents killed) since May 2007. You are making our streets more dangerous in order to put money in your pockets, and that is wrong. Shooting and killing other Americans in public is NOT an outdoor recreational activity. Shame on you.  Please cancel your Black Friday gun giveaway promotions permanently.

Phone: 1-800-237-4444
Email via webform: or

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