October 20, 2017

Action Alert:
Help Trayvon Martin’s Mom Shut Down “Carry Guard” Insurers

Update: On February 23, 2018, Chubb Limited announced it will no longer be underwriting “Carry Guard” insurance for the NRA.  Lockton Companies LLC followed suit on February 26, 2018, announcing it would  discontinue providing brokerage services for NRA insurance programs. Thanks to everyone who took this action!

Sybrina Fulton, the mother of Trayvon Martin, is partnering with GunsDown to call on Chubb Insurance and Lockton Affinity to end their partnerships with the National Rifle Association on “Carry Guard” insurance.

The insurance is intended for individuals who shoot a fellow citizen and want to claim self-defense.  This includes “Stand Your Ground” murderers like George Zimmerman, who killed Sybrina’s teenage son. Carry Guard provides coverage for these shooters’ criminal legal defense, firearm replacement, “clean-up costs,” payouts to bail companies, and a 24-hour legal hotline to provide shooters with guidance on how to avoid prosecution. Meanwhile, the NRA lobbies to make “Stand Your Ground” laws even more permissible and lethal.

Lockton Affinity is the company selling the NRA’s Carry Guard insurance.

Chubb Insurance underwrites the policies and takes a profit for its service.

In doing so, they are “perpetuating fear of minorities and immigrants and…promoting gun violence.”

Please sign the following petition from GunsDown calling on Chubb and Lockton Affinity to end their immoral partnerships with the NRA immediately:


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