May 23, 2019

Action Alert:
Tell Colorado DA to Keep Misogynistic Would-Be Mass Shooter in Jail

27 year-old Christopher Cleary, who threatened to shoot and kill “as many girls” as possible, nearly avoided jail time after pleading guilty to making a threat of terrorism. Hours before the second anniversary of the Women’s March in January 2019, Cleary posted a Facebook message from Utah detailing his plan to become “the next mass shooter.”

Utah prosecutors recommended Cleary for probation despite calling him an “unbelievably dangerous individual,” but a Utah judge disagreed. She sentenced Cleary to “up to five years in prison” because she didn’t trust Colorado authorities to lock him up on an outstanding warrant for another threat. In 2015, Cleary texted a girl a 17-year-old girl in Denver, “I own multipul (sic) guns I can have u dead in a second.” Utah authorities still hope to return Cleary to Colorado “as soon as possible” and the judge said Utah’s board of pardons could make that determination.

Cleary was previously convicted of stalking in Jefferson County, Colorado and sentenced to probation. At least eight of his alleged victims have contacted law enforcement since 2012. One woman reported that Cleary “strangled and urinated” on her.  Cleary said he was planning to go on a shooting rampage because women had rejected him romantically and sexually.

Please contact Jefferson County District Attorney Peter Weir through one of the channels below and send him the following message, personalized to your liking:

When I learned Utah prosecutors recommended probation for would-be mass shooter Christopher Cleary, I became VERY concerned. I understand a judge has now sentenced Cleary to “up to five years in prison,” but a lot of doubt hangs over the case.  Utah authorities are still expressing a desire to return Cleary to Colorado as soon as possible and Judge Johnson said Utah’s board of pardons could make that happen. I want to MAKE SURE you have a plan in place to arrest Cleary for a 2015 stalking and harassment offense in Denver (or some other crime) as soon as he crosses the state line from Utah into Colorado. I don’t care whether Utah releases him tomorrow, a year from now, or five years from now. You need to be prepared when it happens because he is THAT much a threat to the safety of women in Jefferson County and beyond. Ensuring their safety by keeping him incarcerated must be the priority for your office. Thank you! I will be watching this case closely and I vote.

Jefferson County (Colorado) District Attorney Peter Weir
Phone: (303) 271-6800

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