March 1, 2018

Action Alert:
Tell IRS to Revoke NRA’s Tax-Exempt Status

Update: In April 2019, a former head of the Internal Revenue Service division that oversees tax-exempt enterprises, Marc Owens, reviewed NRA federal tax forms, charity records, contracts, corporate filings, and internal communications and concluded the “litany of red flags is just extraordinary.” Owens added: “The materials reflect one of the broadest arrays of likely transgressions that I’ve ever seen. There is a tremendous range of what appears to be the misuse of assets for the benefit of certain vendors and people in control. Those facts, if confirmed, could lead to the revocation of the NRA’s tax-exempt status.” During the same month, Everytown for Gun Safety filed a complaint with the IRS over the NRA continuing to enjoy tax-exempt status.

For decades, the National Rifle Association has been allowed to operate as a tax-exempt social welfare organization under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. That means the NRA does not pay taxes on any of its net income. The Code does not define “social welfare,” but the regulations equate social welfare with “common good and general welfare” and “civic bettering and social improvements.” In addition, under the rules governing section 501(c)(4) organizations, the NRA does not have to disclose its significant donors to the public.

The face of a treasonous, corrupt business empire.

It is utterly obscene to have taxpayers foot the bill for the NRA, which since 1977 has morphed into a treasonous (Putin), violent, white supremacist organization that lobbies against any and all proposals that would reduce gun violence in the United States to protect gun industry profit. The resulting epidemic of gun violence has take a human and financial toll that cannot be measured. The damage has been, and continues to be, devastating to families and communities nationwide.

There is no way We The People are going to sit still while this extremist organization takes our tax dollars under the charade of promoting “social welfare.”

Please prepare the following three documents and submit them to the IRS through one of the channels listed below:

1) Fill out section 5 of the PDF version of IRS Form 13909. include your name, occupation, address and telephone number. The other sections have been pre-filled for you:

2) Add your name to the following NRA IRS Complaint Cover Letter at the bottom under Sincerely:

3) You will also need the following article, titled “NRA a Tax-Exempt Loaded with Private Interest,” to include with your submission to the IRS:

4) Now you have a choice. You can either scan the documents above after you fill them in and email them to the IRS, or you can print the documents out and snail mail them.

Email the NRA Tax Exempt Article, updated Form 13909 and updated NRA IRS Complaint Cover Letter to:

Snail Mail
Print out the NRA Tax Exempt Article, updated Form 13909 and updated NRA IRS Complaint Cover Letter and mail them to:

Mailing Address:
IRS EO Classification
Mail Code 4910DAL
1100 Commerce Street
Dallas, TX 75242-1198

 Fax Number:
(214) 413-5415

Warning! To get the Form 13909 to pre-fill, you must be using a PC. Mobile will not work.

Once you have sent your submission to the IRS, click the orange banner below to report taking action!

h/t to Alexandra and Daniel O’Neill for their fabulous research & writing on this issue and for preparing the IRS Form 13909 for us.

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