November 14, 2018

Action Alert:
Tell Law Enforcement to Charge Gun Owner who Enabled Teen Murder-Suicide

On November 9, 2018, the mother of 15 year-old Samuel Yeargain returned home to find him and his best friend Pierce Schwartz (also 15) shot dead in a murder-suicide. Both boys had wounds to the head. They were students at Lamar High School in Houston, Texas.

Students at Lamar High School have been victimized in a disturbing number of shootings in 2018.

According to the Houston Police Department, the firearm used in the shooting was a “family-owned gun.” Samuel’s mother, who has not been identified, told officers who arrived at the crime scene that her son was dealing with “chronic mental [health] issues.” Pierce’s death was ruled as a homicide.

Texas has a Child Access Prevention (CAP) law that penalizes parents/guardians when children age 17 years and younger gain unauthorized access to unsecured firearms.

Please contact Houston Police Department Chief Art Acevedo and Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:

Please bring charges against the owner of the gun that took the lives of 15 year-olds Pierce Schwartz and Samuel Yeargain on November 9, 2018 in a murder-suicide. The Houston PD indicated the crime gun was “family-owned.” Yeargain was dealing with “chronic mental [health] issues.” Texas’ Child Access Prevention law could apply here and result in criminal penalties for the gun’s owner. Please bring some types of criminal charges against the gun’s owner and make it clear this community will not tolerate people leaving unsecured, loaded guns around children or other vulnerable individuals. We cannot continue to waste young lives like this because of adults’ negligence. I will be watching your actions closely.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo
Phone: (713) 884-3131

District Attorney Kim Ogg
Phone: (713) 274-5800
Email via webform:

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