April 10, 2019

Action Alert:
Tell McHenry County Fair Association to Dump Ted Nugent

Residents of McHenry County, Illinois have responded angrily to local officials booking extremist NRA board member Ted Nugent to headline the annual county fair on August 3, 2019. The entertainment director for the event,  Jeff Kleinschmidt, claims his goal was to hire someone who is “an excellent musician”—a description that no one with knowledge about music would apply to Nugent.

The McHenry County Fair Association, a nonprofit, is the organization that booked Nugent, a man with a lengthy history of promoting hatred and political violence. Nugent is a routine purveyor of racism, misogyny, and anti-Semitism.

Please contact McHenry County Fair Association entertainment director Jeff Kleinschmidt through one of the channels below and give him the following message, personalized to your liking):

Jeff Kleinschmidt, terminate the McHenry County Fair Association’s contract with Ted Nugent immediately. It is absolutely outrageous that you are paying this purveyor of violence to appear before a family-themed county fair. Shame on you!  Nugent has a decades-long history of making racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, and misogynistic statements. Of greatest concern, however, is the fact that he regularly threatens other with violence. Nugent even threatened members of this community in a Facebook post in March 2019, saying McHenry County was not a “target-friendly environment” as one commenter had suggested, but rather a “target-rich” one. Are you out of your mind bringing this man into our community?! I’ll tell you what, Jeff. I appreciate your good works in the past as a volunteer, but if you give this man a platform to speak in McHenry County I will dedicate my life to ensuring you do not get appointed/elected to a leadership position again. This is beyond the pale and totally unacceptable. Do NOT foist this on my children and family!

McHenry County Fair entertainment director Jeff Kleinschmidt
Phone: (815) 338-5315
Email: info@mchenrycountyfair.com or https://www.mchenrycountyfair.com/contact/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/McHenryCountyFair/

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