August 17, 2018

Action Alert:
Tell New York to Pull License of Negligent Gun Dealer

Update: On August 17, 2018, Monroe County Judge Vincent Dinolfo ordered Chinappi’s Firearms & Supplies in Parma temporarily closed via a cease and desist business order.  Sheriff Todd Baxter requested the order. The store remains closed, with its inventory held in custody by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. The sheriff’s office said August Chinappi has been cooperating with investigators. The ATF worked with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and Rochester Police Department on the case. Thanks to everyone who contacted Sheriff Baxter and helped get Chinappi’s closed!

A gun store in Parma, New York, Chinappi’s Firearms & Supplies, made news in August 2018 when it had two burglaries in one week, making a total of three over the past year.

Store owner Augie Chinappi has the dubious distinction of putting 82 guns into criminal hands over the past 11 years.

It gets worse. Monroe County deputies say this is the seventh time in 11 years that the store has reported stolen firearms. Monroe County police became so concerned they seized Chinappi’s inventory and secured those weapons in police facilities.

Chinappi’s state license to deal in firearms is under review by Monroe County police, but it’s time for them to revoke Augie Chinappi’s license and eliminate a consistent threat to public safety. More than 82 firearms from Chinappi’s have made their way into criminal hands!

Please contact Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter through one of the channels below and give him the following message (personalized to your liking):

Sheriff Baxter, please revoke the license of Chinappi’s Firearms & Supplies to deal in firearms in the state of New York. This dealer has been given more than a fair chance. As you know, the reckless security practices of this store have led to a series of stolen firearms over a seven year period. it also makes me wonder if owner Augie Chinappi is allowing some of these guns to “walk” out of the store via private transfers. At this point, the safety of the community of Parma has to be the priority. Please revoke Augie Chinappi’s license from New York to deal in firearms and prevent him from moving that license to another employee of the store.  Thank you for your service to community.

Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter
Phone: (585) 753-4178
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