September 27, 2017

Action Alert:
Tell North Pointe Principal that School’s Violent “Prank” was Wrong

North Pointe Preparatory, a charter school in Phoenix, Arizona serving grades 7-12, recently allowed its senior class to engage in a “prank” in which students simulated the ultraviolent horror movie “The Purge.” Students donned masks, wielded water pistols, and simulated the kidnapping and shooting of other students in a “Senior Purge.” These events were filmed¬† and broadcast on the school’s closed-circuit TV system. Video was also posted to the school’s Facebook page.

The “Senior Purge” is graphic and difficult to watch. TRIGGER WARNING for those who have been traumatized by gun violence.

The school’s principal, Richard Gow, gave his approval to these activities despite the fact that an off-duty Phoenix Police Department officer on the school’s campus advised him against it. Gow is now decrying “the noise of thousands who do not understand who we are and the unique culture we enjoy” and accusing critics of attempting to “intimidate” the school. The school is also mounting a Trump-style campaign against CBS Phoenix affiliate reporter Donna Rossi for her reporting on the “prank.”

Please contact North Pointe Prep principal Richard Gow through one of the channels below and give him the following message:

Principal Gow and North Pointe Prep administrators, I am absolutely appalled by the “Senior Purge” activity, which you personally approved. It is astonishing to me that you thought it was appropriate to allow your teenage students to simulate and recreate events from the ultraviolent horror film “The Purge.” Not only was this activity incredibly disrespectful of survivors of thousands of school shootings across the country, it was also damaging to your students, whose brains are still developing. Shame on you for this terrible display. Gun violence is not a joke to be laughed at.

North Pointe Principal Richard Gow
Phone: (623) 209-0017
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