February 4, 2019

Action Alert:
Tell Ohio Governor to Support Red Flag Legislation

During the time when he was the governor of Ohio, John Kasich was a strong proponent of “red flag” legislation to temporarily disarm individuals in crisis (because of mental illness, substance abuse, domestic violence, etc.). “It would be a terrible mistake not to do it,” Kasich told the Ohio legislature in late 2018.

Years ago during his time as U.S. Senator, Mike DeWine was a champion for gun control. But as Ohio attorney general/governor, DeWine has cynically sold out to the gun lobby.

Unfortunately, Ohio’s new governor, Mike DeWine, has refused to commit to supporting the legislation, telling a local radio station, “I could support a law if it was written correctly and if there was due process, correct due process built into [the legislation].”

DeWine appears to be regurgitating gun lobby propaganda because the red flag legislation that has been introduced in Ohio does incorporate due process. Under a bill co-sponsored by Democratic Ohio Sens. Joe Schiavoni and Sandra William, for example, a court could initially order firearms removed from an individual who poses an “imminent danger” to self and/or others. After 14 days, however, a hearing would be conducted and the subject of the order would have the opportunity to present his/her case against removal to a judge. After considering all the facts at hand, the judge could then vacate the order or extend it for up to one year.

Please contact Governor DeWine through one of the channels below and give him the following message, personalized to your liking:

Governor DeWine, I want to see you out-front supporting “red flag” legislation during the current session of the Ohio state legislature. Your recent claim about Ohio’s red flag legislation not containing “due process” is wrong and easily disproven. A bill introduced by Sens. Joe Schiavoni and Sandra William, for example, would only allow a judge to temporarily remove firearms from an individual who poses an “imminent danger” to self and/or others. After a period of just 14 days, the gun owner would be given the opportunity to appear in court and present his/her case for vacating the order (as opposed to extending it for a period of up to one year). ALL red flag bills, not just in Ohio but nationwide, contain such due process provisions. Stop regurgitating gun lobby propaganda and do your job by putting the safety and lives of your constituents first.  Red flag legislation has overwhelming support among Ohioans and it’s time to get this done BEFORE the next gun-related tragedy occurs. I will be watching your actions on this issue very closely and making my future decisions as a voter/donor/organizer accordingly.

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