May 11, 2018

Action Alert:
Tell Oklahoma Governor to Veto Permitless Carry Bill

Update: Governor Mary Fallin vetoed SB 1212 on May 11, 2018! Thanks to everyone who took this action and helped defeat this dangerous legislation.

On May 2, 2018, the Oklahoma state Senate passed SB 1212 to allow open and concealed carry without a permit and sent it to the desk of Governor Mary Fallin. Governor Fallin has until May 19 to sign or veto the bill. She can also pocket veto SB 1212 by not acting on it.

The bill  would allow Oklahomans who can legally purchase a firearm (a low bar) to carry guns openly and/or concealed in any area where they are not prohibited by state law.

SB 1212 is being opposed by several law enforcement associations, the University of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (which issues carry permits), and even the Oklahoma Rifle Association, the state affiliate of the NRA! Only a fringe pro-gun group, the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association, backs the bill.

Please contact Governor Fallin through one of the channels below and give him the following message:

Please veto SB 1212, the permitless carry bill, immediately! This bill is such a danger to communities. Governor, if this bill passes, there will be NO WAY for law enforcement to stop violent individuals from carrying guns until those individuals have already harmed or killed someone. That’s not how you do public safety. The carry permitting process in Oklahoma is perfectly reasonable and gives us some level of assurance that the people carrying guns around us have no violent history. SB 1212 is extreme and wrong. It will cost lives, both law enforcement and civilian. Do the right thing and veto this bill, Governor Fallin. Thank you.

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin
Phone: (405) 521-2342
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