October 3, 2017

Action Alert:
Tell Adam Paul Laxalt to Enforce Nevada’s Background Check Law

Six months ago, Nevada state attorney general Adam Paul Laxalt stood at a lectern at the NRA’s annual meeting and bragged about refusing to enforce a universal background check law that voters in his state approved on Election Day 2016. He told the NRA faithful he did it because he was “the last line of defense against the Obama Administration.”

How corrupt is Laxalt? The NRA hired his campaign manager, Robert Uithoven, to run their campaign in opposition to Nevada’s universal background check referendum. Now Laxalt is single-handedly holding up the implementation of Nevada’s universal background check law as attorney general by refusing to negotiate with the FBI and other key stakeholders. And the NRA is attacking Laxalt’s critics.

Now, after a single individual armed with an absolute arsenal has inflicted nearly 600 casualties in Las Vegas, Laxalt has the audacity think he is going to be the next governor of Nevada.

Please contact Nevada State Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt through one of the channels below and and give him the following message:

I am absolutely disgusted by your refusal to implement Nevada’s democratically-enacted universal background check law. Now that we have seen the scale of suffering inflicted on Americans in Las Vegas by a single individual with 23 firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition, it is time for you to end your corrupt partnership with the NRA and implement this law. If you do not, I will do everything in my power–peacefully and democratically–to make sure you never become governor of Nevada (or any elected office).

NV Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt
Phone: (702) 486-3420
Email: aginfo@ag.nv.gov
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NVAttorneyGeneral/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/adamlaxalt

Once you have contacted Laxalt, click the orange I TOOK ACTION TO PREVENT GUN VIOLENCE button below.

Thank you for standing against corruption and for sane gun policy that very well could stop the next shooter.

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