October 18, 2019

Action Alert:
Tell S Carolina Ford dealer its bible, flag and gun deal is revolting

21 September, 2019 – South Carolina – a mass shooting at a bar sees 2 murdered, four critically injured and a further four injured.

1 October, 2019 – South Carolina – in a wholly insensitive and tone deaf promotion, a South Carolina Ford dealership is giving away a bible, flag and gun with every car purchased.

According to Autoblog, this Ford dealer in Honea Path launched the promotion Oct. 1 and plans to run it through November as a way to gin up sales.

“October is a weird month in the car business,” general manager Derrick Hughes told the Detroit Free Press. “It’s like the calm-before-the-storm type month.

You’ve got to have something going. October is the slowest and November is the second slowest.”

The dealership, located about 20 miles south of Greenville, has said it’s not trying to make a political statement but is simply appealing to local residents’ religious leanings, patriotism and love of hunting.


Please contact Carolina Ford through one of the channels below and give them the following message, personalized to your liking:


I could not believe it when I learned your dealership is giving away guns, bibles and flags with every Ford.  It’s not even one month since your state had a mass shooting, and your insensitivity to the people of South Carolina and the families and friends of the 47,000 people in the US who were injured or killed by guns in 2018 ALONE is off the charts for being tone deaf.

It is an insult to me as an American that you are equating a weapon with a religious book that says ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’, and the American flag.  If fewer  people were led to believe there is something ‘patriotic’ or ‘American’ about owning a gun, there would be fewer deaths.  Ford asked a dealership to cancel a similarly irresponsible and dangerous scheme in the past – when there was a shooting at a Ford dealership.  I am outraged they are staying out of this:  their brand is now tarnished by this worship of guns you are feeding:  what are they waiting for – another shooting before they will intervene?  You say your ridiculous scheme is not political; whether or not that’s true, it is certainly in the worst of taste at best, and it could cost lives at worst. Why do it?

You will be morally, ethically responsible for any shootings that occur with weapons you are giving away to make sales.  It’s revolting, and it is hardly American.  I will never buy anything from you, and I will never buy a Ford again.

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Suggested tweet:  S Carolina had a mass shooting 21 Sept – yet your SC dealership is giving guns away as prizes to make sales. That’s sick.  You intervened to stop such a promotion after a shooting at a Ford dealership:  do so again now!


Phone:  864 369 7376

Email:  derrick@thecarolinaford.com

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Twitter:  (to the ford motor company) https://twitter.com/Ford



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