September 13, 2018

Action Alert:
Tell School to Cancel Plans to Shoot Blanks

Update: During the active shooter drill at Bethel Park High School on September 13, 2018, school district police Officer Tim Kirsch fired blank ammunition from his handgun three times in close succession. A secretary announced on the intercom that shots were fired in the rotunda area. Teachers and students had to decide whether to barricade themselves in a classroom or flee the building. The drill lasted about 15 minutes, after which students returned to their third period classes. Please keep taking this action!

School police in a suburban community near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania have come up with a terrible and dangerous idea. They plan to fire blank rounds during an active shooter drill at Bethel Park High School on September 13, 2018 in order to “expose students to the sound of gunfire” so they become conditioned to it.

The principal of the school, Zeb Jansante, approved the plan and sent a letter to students’ parents about the “ALICE” program (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate).  Parents immediately raised concerns about how the drill could traumatize students and faculty and do real harm.

Please contact Bethel Park H.S. principal Zeb Jansante and superintendent Dr. Joseph Pasquerilla through one of the channels below and give them the following message (personalized to your liking):

I was absolutely disgusted to learn that Bethel Park High School will be conducting an “ALICE” drill in which school resource officers run through the school’s halls firing blank rounds to condition students to the sound of gunfire. What incompetent individual(s) came up with this dangerous and harmful idea? Whoever it is should be discharged from their duties immediately by the school board. This obscene program will only cause harm by traumatizing students and faculty who constantly witness scenes of mass shootings in the American media. Shame on you for further traumatizing them in this manner. If you cared about your students, you would take the time and resources you are dedicating to “ALICE” and instead use it to conduct lobbying trips to Harrisburg to advocate for tougher gun control laws in Pennsylvania SO THE NEXT SHOOTER WILL NOT READILY OBTAIN A FIREARM. An overwhelming majority of school shooters obtain their guns from relatives after finding them unsecured in the home. A good first step to stop these attacks would be to enact a law requiring mandatory safe storage of firearms in the home in Pennyslvania when children ages 18 and under are present. Stop treating your students and teachers like guinea pigs in some type of unhinged, degenerate NRA experiment. Let THEM lead you in terms of developing solutions to make their schools and communities safe. They are more morally fit, creative and able. 

Bethel Park High School Principal Zeb Jansante
Phone: (412) 854-8584

Superintendent Dr. Joseph W. Pasquerilla
Phone: (412) 854-8402

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