October 12, 2017

Action Alert:
Tell your U.S. Representative to Table SHARE Act Permanently

Update: On October 3, 2017, House Speaker Paul Ryan announced the SHARE Act was no longer on the House schedule. Ryan indicated there are no plans to bring the bill back up for consideration. Additionally, Congressman Peter Defazio, a Democrat from Oregon, has removed himself as a sponsor of the SHARE Act. Thanks to all those who contacted their Representative asking for this dangerous bill to be tabled!

McClatchy is reporting that Republicans in Congress are still looking to move the SHARE Act forward after the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas on October 1st. This heinous bill would deregulate silencers and armor-piercing ammunition and make the next mass shooter even more lethal.

Regarding contributions he has received from the NRA, SHARE Act sponsor Jeff Duncan (R-SC) said, “It doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, I think it shows some credibility.”

“I personally think it would be a mistake to take [the silencer provisions] out,” said Congressman Jeff Duncan (R-SC), the bill’s sponsor. “[Silencers] had nothing to do with Las Vegas. I believe the facts stand for themselves.”

In truth, the Las Vegas shooting was committed by a gunman using many different types of lethal, legal firearm accessories, to include high-capacity ammunition magazines, holographic scopes, bump stocks and forward pistol grips. Silencers—which are strictly regulated at the moment—could have helped him avoid detection by reducing the sound of his gunfire and suppressing the  muzzle flash of his rifles, a key given his distant position.

The SHARE Act would also make it legal for individuals to transport their assault rifles through states that ban them and kill bear cubs in their dens as they hibernate, among other insidious provisions.

Please call your representative in the House of Representatives through the U.S. Capitol Hotline at (202) 224-3121 and give him/her the following message:

After the horrific shooting in Las Vegas, the SHARE Act must be tabled immediately. By deregulating silencers, the SHARE Act would make future active shooters even more lethal and difficult to detect because of the reduced sound of gunfire and muzzle flash suppression. To move forward with this heinous bill after nearly 600 casualties were inflicted on our civilian population by a heavily armed shooter is grotesque. I call on you to exercise all the influence and authorities you have to ensure the SHARE Act is tabled, immediately and permanently. I will be watching your actions closely, and making decisions as a voter, donor and activist based on them. This issue is very important to me.

If you don’t know who your Representative is, you can find out at this link (and get their direct dial number):


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