April 26, 2019

Action Alert:
Thank 1st Mayor to Ban “Warrior Training” for Police

Mayor Jacob Frey has made Minneapolis the first city in the nation to ban “Warrior” training for police officers on-duty and off-duty. Frey made the announcement on April 18, 2019 via his Twitter feed.

Mayor Jacob Frey (rt) is taking concrete steps to reduce gun violence by police in Minneapolis.

Fear-based “Warrior” training was developed by retired lieutenant colonel Dave Grossman, the inventor of the “scholarly study” of “Killology.”  Killology encourages cops to respond to violence with “superior violence” and “righteous violence” — the antithesis of the force de-escalation that so many Americans are calling for in the wake of ubiquitous police shootings targeting people of color.

Grossman is a featured speaker at annual meetings of the NRA, where he gives a presentation steeped in degenerate gun culture titled, “Sheepdogs! The Bulletproof Mind for the Armed Citizen.” Grossman has trained police officers and deputies across the country, telling them things like, “Every single one of you is in the frontline of a live ammo combat patrol every day of your life.” He is infamous for providing bad statistics and openly discriminating against young people. He deems millennials a “vicious generation” of “criminals” and “gang-bangers.”

Please contact Mayor Frey through one of the channels below and give him the following message, personalized to your liking:

Mayor Frey, I can’t thank you enough for becoming the first mayor to ban “Warrior” training for police officers on-duty and off-duty. This training comes straight from a degenerate gun culture that fetishizes guns and minimizes the harm and death they cause in our communities. By practicing what you preach when it comes to de-escalation, you are creating a safer Minneapolis and making space for better relations between police and civilians. I appreciate your leadership in curtailing gun violence by police and hope you are talking to other mayors about what you have done. You can count on my support moving forward as you continue your pursuit of peace.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey
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