December 10, 2018

Action Alert:
Thank FSU President for Condemning Guns on Campus

On December 5, 2018, Florida State University president John Thrasher gave his annual address to the faculty senate and paid emotional tribute to two members of the FSU community who were killed in the Hot Yoga studio shooting in Tallahassee on November 2. Dr. Nancy Van Vessem was a professor in FSU’s College of Medicine. Maura Binkley was an undergraduate senior majoring in English and German.

FSU Pres. John Thrasher made gun violence prevention a central issue in his State of the University speech for 2018.

“The gunman deprived the world of two smart, kind and compassionate people, and the memory of that terrible night will always be with those who survived,” Thrasher said from the FSU College of Medicine auditorium. “I think the impact on our community has been profound.” He added that society “has to think about how we can keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people,” and stressed that whatever rights gun owners have must be balanced “with the rights of Americans to pursue life, liberty and happiness.”

Thrasher said students and faculty have a right to feel safe on the FSU campus: “That’s why I have fought for many years to keep guns off campus, and I am going to make my annual pledge to you again today: Guns have no place on a college campus, and I will continue to fight against any [legislative or legal] effort to allow them.”

Like the FSU campus, the conservative Florida state legislature is located in Tallahasssee. NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer writes gun laws for Republicans in the Florida House and Senate.

Please contact FSU president John Thrasher through one of the channels below and give him the following message, personalized to your liking:

I heard about what you said in your 2018 State of the University speech and was so inspired by your remarks on gun violence prevention. I am terribly sorry that gun violence stole two precious  members of the FSU community in the Hot Yoga studio shooting. I’m sure your moral, resolute leadership has meant the world to students and faculty on campus as they grieve. I am part of the overwhelming majority of Americans that thinks we need to be doing more to prevent these tragedies from happening and stand behind you 100%. Your resolute stance against guns on campus in a city that seats a pro-NRA legislature lifts us all up. Keep speaking out! Working together, we can topple Marion Hammer’s reign in Tallahassee and save so many lives.

FSU President John Thrasher
Phone: (850) 644-1085
Twitter: @FSUPresThrasher

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