November 2, 2019

Action Alert:
Thank judge for sentencing former officer in Hill murder

1 November, DeKalb County – Judge LaTisha Dear-Jackson sentenced former police officer Robert Olsen for murdering Afghanistan veteran  Anthony Hill in March 2015.  Mr Hill was suffering PTSD and was found wandering naked near his apartment complex.  Within moments of finding him, Olsen shot him dead.

Finding that Olsen’s use of lethal force was wholly unnecessary, Judge Dear-Jackson sentenced Olsen to a 20-year sentence, 12 years to be served in prison.

He will be prohibited from owning a firearm again, or from serving on any police force.

One Pulse for America might have liked the sentence to be up to the maximum 30 years allowed, but considering how many similar situations end with police who kill unnecessarily receiving very lenient sentences – if found guilty at all, it is great to know this former officer will not be able to shoot anyone else.

It should be said that care and assistance given to veterans needs a vast amount of improvement.



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Thank you Judge Jackson for your sentencing of former officer Olsen for the murder of Anthony Hill. While perhaps a longer sentence would have been desired, you have stopped Olsen from having a gun or serving as a police officer again, thus protecting the public from him. A naked man warranted a swift call to a medical emergency team, not an execution.  I hope you have set a precedent – we have seen too many cases where unarmed people, often minorities, are killed by unnecessary lethal force and the killers get off unduly lightly.

 -or- suggested tweet:


Thank you Judge for the just sentence you imposed on Anthony Hill’s killer, a former officer who shot dead Mr Hill who was unarmed. I am glad Olsen will no longer have a firearm or be an officer, and I hope you have set a precedent.

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