April 11, 2018

Action Alert:
Thank Kaiser Permanente for Investing in Gun Violence Research

Update: On June 20, 2019, Kaiser Permanente announced it was funding three clinical research studies on gun violence prevention. Kaiser Permanente Colorado Institute for Health Research will analyze a web-based education tool for safe gun storage in patients at risk of suicide. Kaiser Permanente Southern California Department of Research & Evaluation will examine risk factors for gun death/injury among adults and children. Finally, Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute will study how firearm suicide-prevention tools can be integrated into in healthcare facilities. Thanks to everyone who took this action and encouraged Kaiser Permanente to keep moving forward on GVP!

On April 9, 2018, the giant, multistate managed care consortium Kaiser Permanente announced that it was investing $2 million in gun violence research. The research will be conducted by health care professionals in Kaiser’s network of hospitals and centers working in tandem with external researchers.

Kaiser Permanente was conservative in its estimate of annual gun deaths in the United States. CDC data shows there more than 38,000 gun deaths in 2016.

Kaiser Permanente took this step because gun violence has a significant impact on their patients. Between 2016 and 2017, its doctors treated more than 11,000 gunshot wounds. Researcher Garen Wintemute commented, “[Kaiser Permanente’s] detailed patient data [will] allow them to conduct research that simply can’t be performed in other settings.”

“This is our first step in helping us as a system to see what we can contribute,” said Bechara Choucair, Kaiser Permanente’s chief community health officer. “We’re hoping this will be a catalyst for others to start being engaged in this space as well.”

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I was so excited to hear that Kaiser Permanente is investing $2 million in gun violence research. I wanted to personally reach out to thank you for demonstrating leadership and a real commitment to community and the well-being of your patients. I hope that other managed care giants will follow your good example. I will make sure I inform my family and friends about what you have done. I sincerely appreciate it.

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