June 13, 2018

Action Alert:
Thank New Jersey Governor for Signing Bold Gun Reform Legislation

On June 13, 2018, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed a historic package of new gun control legislation into law and indicated he wanted more. “Our laws will only be able to reach as far as our borders,” the governor said. “We need national legislation from a like-minded president. We are proud to take this action today, but let there be no doubt, our work is far from over.”

Governor Murphy knows gun violence is a problem; an urgent problem. So he did something meaningful about it with the NJ legislature.

The legislation signed by Governor Murphy contains six bold, life-saving reforms:

  • Universal background checks
  • Ammunition magazine capacity limit of 10 rounds max
  • Ban on armor-piercing ammunition
  • Restores “justifiable need” standard for New Jersey residents seeking to carry a handgun in public. A specific threat to the individual must be cited. General paranoia does not qualify as “need”
  • Extreme Risk Protection Orders to temporarily disarm individuals in crisis
  • Allows firearm seizure when mental health care professionals determine an individual is a threat to self and/or others.

Murphy also recently signed an executive order that will make detailed information about gun violence available to New Jersey residents so they can see the impact it is having on their communities.

These new laws move New Jersey closer to California in terms of having the toughest, smartest gun laws among the states. Given how weak federal laws still are, it is critical to have model states demonstrating that gun control works.

Please contact Governor Murphy through one of the channels below and give him the following message (personalized to your liking):

Thank you so much for signing six historic new gun control reforms into law in New Jersey, and also for your executive order which will give New Jersey residents far better information about the gun violence occurring in their communities. Your actions, and that of the New Jersey legislature, will save lives and end the suffering of so many good people that have been victimized by weak gun laws. I hope, like you said, that you will not stop here! There is NEVER too much that can be done, at the federal or state level, to protect Americans from our shameful epidemic of gun violence. I so appreciate your leadership in making New Jersey a leader in this area. I will make sure to tell family and friends about the good you have done!

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy
Phone: (609) 292-6000
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/govmurphy

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