November 2, 2017

Action Alert:
Thank Samantha Bee for Addressing Guns and Domestic Violence

Comedian Samantha Bee (ex-Daily Show) recently addressed the issue of guns and domestic violence on her show, “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.” In a lengthy segment, Bee educated viewers about “The Boyfriend Loophole,” which allows abusive boyfriends in 37 states to hold on to their guns when they are under active restraining orders, or if they have been convicted of the misdemeanor crime of domestic violence. Currently, only married spouses are forced to surrender their firearms.

Samantha Bee and Ames Mayfield

Bee then introduced a surprise guest at the end of her segment: cub scout Ames Mayfield, who was the subject of a recent campaign here at One Pulse for America.

Mayfield was kicked out of his cub scout den for asking a Colorado state legislator a legitimate question about her past votes to arm domestic abusers. But Mayfield is now receiving thanks from across the world for doing the right thing, and he has joined a new cub scout den that is delighted to have him.

Bee presented Ames with a “Thunder Cub Merit Badge” that was pretty cool looking and told him, “I’m so sorry you had to leave your den, and this is so selfish of me, but I do think it’s worth it if fewer people get shot.” Ames agreed.

Please contact Samantha Bee through one of the channels below and send her the following message:

Thank you so much for addressing the topic of guns and domestic violence (“The Boyfriend Loophole”) on a recent show. It was also delightful to see you bring Ames Mayfield out, the cub scout who asked a legislator an important question about arming abusers. I so appreciate the fearless way you address the need for tougher gun laws. Please keep it up!

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

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