September 21, 2018

Action Alert:
Tweet “Blood on Your Hands” Soap Box Gift to NRA-Bought Politicians

After watching the student-survivors from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School change the national conversation on guns through their activism, copywriter/creative director Jeff Marois and art director/designer Ryan Raulie decided they had to get involved. “[They] lit a fire under us,” said Marois.

This isn’t just a gag! Marois and Raulie made real soap box gifts and are mailing them out to Members of Congress who respond to your tweets!

The two came up with a creative way to tell NRA-backed Members of Congress that their votes on the gun issue are getting Americans killed. They designed “Blood on Your Hands” soap box gifts that can be sent to the 10 Members of Congress who receive the most in NRA political contributions.

Anyone can visit the Blood on Your Hands Soap website and tweet a soap box gift hyperlink to one of these 10 Members of Congress—and other NRA $ recipients. When they open the link, a real gift box will be mailed to them at the shipping address they specify.

Take the following steps to tweet your “Blood on Your Hands” soap box gift announcement to Members of Congress bought by the NRA:

1) Visit the Blood on Your Hands Soap website:

2) Click “Tweet a Box” in the top-left toolbar.

3) Select one or more of the NRA’s top 10 recipients of political contributions to tweet a hyperlink to. When they click the link, they can redeem their gift offer. You can also opt to tweet at another pro-NRA politician, but you have to add their twitter tag (i.e., @replouiegohmert) to the template tweet.

Once you tweet your gift announcement, fill out the three fields below and click the orange button to report taking action! Multiple action-taking is enabled; report every action you take.

This is an action alert, NOT an online petition. Please take the action before filling out the fields below.

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