August 27, 2019

Action Alert:
Watch this CBS video: The FBI wants your help to prevent gun violence

August 2019 – The Federal Bureau of Investigation is reaching out:  it wants the public’s help to stop potential gun mass murders.

Many killers have posted their plans and been encouraged by dark sites such as 8chan (the El Paso shooter posted his plans, weapon choices and ‘manifesto’ there).  Happily, most web hosts are refusing to give 8chan a platform.  Websites inciting violence and gun crimes still exist though, many on the dark web.

We know that sometimes these would-be killers spend up to two years mentioning their plans online, often getting encouraged and egged-on by others.

While some of this activity is going on in very hidden and dark websites, the FBI says people are seeing such potential shooters post their violent thoughts and plans without doing anything about it. The FBI can’t monitor everything.  


All you need to do is watch this video   .  It will dispel many myths – not all shooters, according to the FBI, are loners or people who ‘just suddenly snap’.  And then, should you ever see someone post a threat – and it is quite possible you might someday – make sure you contact the FBI.  They are easily contacted; this link gives you all the ways to do so: 

You don’t need hard evidence; a screenshot, web address or other details will be of interest to them.  After all, you don’t want to be the person who could have reported a suspicion but didn’t bother to, only to find out that they could have prevented a tragedy.  That has happened, and it must be a hard thing to live with.  And if your suspicions turn out not to be founded, then you know you did the right thing, and the FBI will not be angry to have ruled out any potential problem.

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