December 12, 2017

Action Alert:
Write Letter to Editor for Exciting New Candidate in Minnesota

Update: One Pulse for America member (and District 61B resident) Heidi Brenegan had her letter about Sara Freeman published in the North-Star Tribune on December 15, 2017.  Two weeks later, on December 29, 2017, One Pulse for America member Rachael Joseph had her letter about Sara published in the Southwest Journal. Rachael, a survivor of gun violence herself, is managing Sara’s campaign for the Minnesota House.

There is an exciting candidate competing for the Democratic endorsement in Minnesota’s District 61B in Minneapolis. The candidate’s name is Sara Freeman and she is running for Minnesota state House of Representatives.

Sara started a financial club at North High School in Minneapolis and raised $20,000 to take members to NYC to learn financial literacy.

Sara is a survivor of rape and gun-related violence who promises to stress the issue of domestic violence as a representative. She has a very forward-looking gun policy that prioritizes universal background checks, disarming domestic abusers, and preventing suicide.

It’s important for states to enact good gun laws because the baseline of federal gun laws is so weak in the United States. When we have a candidate capable of really leading on the issue, that person is worth supporting.

Please click one of the links below to email a letter to the editor to a Minnesota newspaper in support of Sara.  A personalized letter is best; talk about how gun violence has impacted you, too! You can use the following text (132 words) as a basic template for your own letter (250 words max):

For me, gun violence prevention is a priority issue and I’m so happy to see Sara Freeman running for the Minnesota House in District 61B. Sara is an incredible woman—a gun violence survivor and the chair of the Domestic Abuse Project. She has done incredible work with young people in Minneapolis. I love her forward-thinking gun policy platform. Sara supports universal background checks on all gun sales, gun violence prevention orders to prevent suicides, and the closing of the “Boyfriend Loophole” that arms domestic abusers. She has said that we need more survivors at the State Capitol, and I agree. Let’s send Sara there in November.

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